Only a boy would do this...

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to show you but I'm sure you'll have no problem visualizing on your own!
Last night while talking to a friend on the phone in the kitchen, I noticed that Dyllan was awfully quiet.
I came around the corner to the base of the stairs and looked up to see "our" son sitting at the top of the first landing sitting in a long rectangle rubber made, (the kind you put under your bed for wrapping paper), holding the sides and kinda inching forward with the full intention of a 4 1/2 year old to ride down the stairs in his home made sled!
Luckily I stopped him in time and even persuaded him not to send his stuffed animals for a ride instead.
What's next?


Just tinkering along...

~ So sorry I have not posted in forever! A couple of days feels like a week and a week feels like I have not posted in a month! Know what I mean, jelly bean?
I've been working on shop projects and crafts galore!
Yesterday, I went to CHA - (above pic)
CHA stands for Craft Hobby Association.
I went as a guest through my friend/fellow scrapbooker/and supplier~ Debi Voris.
I have pictures to share over the next couple of posts of my apron I made, a dazzeling tiara I wore for the show, make & takes, yummy new product, and photo's of me and my crafting friends!
So please check back soon!



~ with my Birthday next month, and the day before Valentines day...I've been feeling pink! Seeing it everywhere I go and using it more in my art.

Here is a collage of little pink things I've made or grown.
To see any detail..please click on the collage!


January's Book Club Assignment!

This month's book is Foof-a-Life.

Hosted by the Goddesses of Craft!

Here's how the book club works.

Each month, on the first of the month, a project will be posted from a magazine or popular craft book. Creative tips, freebies and prizes will be involved...


Then go here for the full post and we can't wait to see what you "create"!


You gotta get this...

It's a circle cutter by Martha Stewart.
I tried it through a friend at a recent crop.
So easy to use and the blades store inside the handle.
Just make sure you use a craft mat with to protect your work surface!


Minatures are FUN!

I found this fun trick through my friend Laura's blog.
She has made some of her trips to Spain into minatures.
If you want to try it for yourself you can go here.
I have to warn you though...it's highly addictive!

(above) La Quinta resort in Palm Springs

(above) Dyllan in front of my Mom's house

(above) overlooking a beach front property in Malibu

( above) antique Firetruck in Ranchita, CA

(above) Caboose on property in Borrego Springs, Ca


This weather is confusing...

First it's cold and now it's HOT!
And it's only the middle of January!
Here in Southern California, we really don't have seasons like the rest of you folks but what do have is not always pleasant either!
It takes a toll on our health, our gardens and air quality.
~ My plants are confused and some may not make it till spring.
Speaking of plants...the photo below is from the previous post and I forgot to tell you what it's about.
If you buy the movie DVD Wall-E, inside there is a mail order form to recieve a FREE little tree for you to plant at home!
When I took it out of the mailing tube, this is what it looked like before I planted outside in a pot!
It's sooo cute!

One more thing...the Goddesses of Craft have started a new Creative Book club and invite you to join the monthly fun!



Here are some random leftovers from our Christmas to New Years eve which we spent at Disneyland and CA adventure with some close friends.


Roses are Red

Just look at these beautiful creations!
They are all made by Goddess Kathryn!
She has them for sale in her Etsy shop!

I have both the cap and scarf in turquoise. So soft and beautiful. I wear them "everywhere"!

If you would like to visit her shop, please go HERE!


It's a *sign*

Sweet Jessie has nicely allowed me to share her crafty idea of transferring a childs art work into a embroidery piece! Her 6 year old is as infatuated with Star Wars as our 4 year old!

To see how she made this piece, please go here.
I'm really excited that she did this as Dyllan has endless amounts of Star Wars art that he drew him self! I think he would be estatic if he got a quilt made from his art for his Birthday in July. Don't you?
Speaking of Star Wars...for those of you that were stumped as to what my new ring tone is, It's the theme song to Star Wars! and very realistic indeed!


Winter in My garden

~It's been a little nippy here in Southern California. A little too cold for what my garden is used too. I'm looking forward to Spring when I can re-pot, re-build and plant anew!

As for the post below....
If you are "stumped" as to what my ring tone is...here's one more hint...
It's the Theme song from a popular movie series.
Please post your guess below.


Teeny Tiny Love!

Is what I've been working on over the holidays.
A new wire wrapped creation for my shop!
Measures 1" x 2" with a teeny tiny nest inside.
Complete with fresh water pearls.
Better yet...nest comes out!
and as promised in my Happy New Year post, I'm giving one of these adorable teeny tiny bird cage with nest away !
And the winner is....Marla!
Her resolutions were...
1. make time to craft.
2. send more cards out.
3. take time for friends and family.
4. exercise more. marla#3291 (fellow fiskateer)
Congratulation Marla, and thanks to all the ladies that posted with their New Years Resolutions too!
Lastly....I have one more give away!
I had to buy a new cell phone today as my other one which lasted over 3 years, conked out yesterday.
The new phone is a Lg-8350.
Same as my husbands, but his is dark silver and mine is blood red. Really cool.
I'm giving away a few samples of my Pink Lemonade Yarn Swags that you can see in my shop Here!
Each sample swag consist of 10 strands of Fibers and Trim.
Each strand is 1 yard long equaling 10 yards of wonderful lovelyness to be added to your art cards, scrapbooking, dolls, tags and more...!
Want one?
All you have to do is be the first to guess my new Ring tone on my phone!
It's the theme song to a popular movie!
Good luck!


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