Monday, January 12, 2009

This weather is confusing...

First it's cold and now it's HOT!
And it's only the middle of January!
Here in Southern California, we really don't have seasons like the rest of you folks but what do have is not always pleasant either!
It takes a toll on our health, our gardens and air quality.
~ My plants are confused and some may not make it till spring.
Speaking of plants...the photo below is from the previous post and I forgot to tell you what it's about.
If you buy the movie DVD Wall-E, inside there is a mail order form to recieve a FREE little tree for you to plant at home!
When I took it out of the mailing tube, this is what it looked like before I planted outside in a pot!
It's sooo cute!

One more thing...the Goddesses of Craft have started a new Creative Book club and invite you to join the monthly fun!

1 comment:

afiori said...

Awwww what a cute little treeee!

Here the weather is very weird. We've had more than knee-deep snow and now it's melted away in two days with temperatures up to +6 Celsius. In Sweden. In January.

Hey was the film Wall-E good?


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