Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a *sign*

Sweet Jessie has nicely allowed me to share her crafty idea of transferring a childs art work into a embroidery piece! Her 6 year old is as infatuated with Star Wars as our 4 year old!

To see how she made this piece, please go here.
I'm really excited that she did this as Dyllan has endless amounts of Star Wars art that he drew him self! I think he would be estatic if he got a quilt made from his art for his Birthday in July. Don't you?
Speaking of Star Wars...for those of you that were stumped as to what my new ring tone is, It's the theme song to Star Wars! and very realistic indeed!


SunTiger said...

I love the artsy design of your blog. Truly. Your header looks like it was created by the Fey.

:D {Children are such inspiring artists as well. I'm glad you encourage creativity by transferring such lovely artwork into embroidery}

Anonymous said...

i thought that was your ring tone, but i didn't comment... oh well. :) i love the new look to your blog. it's very very nice. and i wish i could embroider and i would try that project. my 9yr old boy is a huge star wars fan as well... he even has an old r2d2 remote controlled toy. :)

Anonymous said...

that is a great idea!

Sara said...

Okay...this is just the coolest idea! Thanks so much for sharing!


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