Disneyland Musings

Just got back from a day at D-land with Brian and Dyllan. It was so hot! But for Dyllan's sake, we rode the Monorail into the park, rode the Car-tophia which makes Dyllan shriek with delight, then on to Small World, visiting and Dyllan dancing with Belle in a story like play, Dyllan decorating a crown, Eating lunch a Casa Zorro where the food is really good and Dyllan can watch Thunder Mountain race by, riding Pooh-Bear and finishing with the Train ride all around the park.


Pets I remember

~~~One of my daily blogs reads is always Because I said So. A stay at home mom with 6 kids all named after cities. Her wit and writing skills match Erma Bombeck and remind me also of my favorite comic, "For Better or For Worse"
~~~In today's post she talks a little about her son's hermit crab that died plus other daily happenings. What I liked what her oldest son went into the garage and made a little tombstone with a piece of wood and distressed it to look old with white out! There is even a picture.
~~~So that brings me to remember of all the pets I've had and burials we've done.
In no particular order...


Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat

~~~ These photos are all from a amazing retreat I went on in Palm Springs!
 I promise to post more pic's later of what I actually made! 
But in the mean time, please enjoy the scenery.

I got an award!

It's always nice to be given an award for something you do and just reminds us that people do notice the little things we do. So what does this award really mean?
Well here is a little ditty I copied from Laura's blog...

Still here...

~~~~~I want to appologize to all my friends in blog land! It's been one of those week where i have not felt like posting or doing much of anything. I got back from my wonderful scrapbbok retreat late on Sunday and as soon as I came home, I felt drained. Back to everyday life I guess.
~~~~~Later today I'll finally work on posting some pic's from the retreat, show a blog award I got and some other stuff.

In a few, I'm off to MOPS with Dyllan where I'm guaranteed hot coffee and a full meal while Dyllan is taken care of in another room! Plus I'll chat up with any other girls that might be hooked on dancing with the stars as I am. I knifty knit scarves while I'm watching my shows as to not lose out on precious crafting time. Some will make it in my shop while others are future gifts.

Talk to you soon!


Getting Ready

~~~~~This is seriously the last scrapbook lay out I've done in a looong time! It was for a magazine Ad challenge I created for my group. It is of my Mother in Borrego Springs, Ca. We used to live there till I was about 10 and then she retired there cause she likes the desert beauty and heat.


You betcha Mom!

After surviving a busy week and mix of emotions, good and grumpy, I asked Dyllan this morning as he woke up, if he was going to be good today? And he said, "You betcha Mom!"
We will see... ;0)


In a Nut~shell...

~~~~~Basically in a nut-shell, this is how my week is going.
1. Monday night felt extremely nauseous. Feared the worst. slept bad.
2. Tuesday Morning awoke not to sickness but to a visit from "Aunt Flo". Went early with
Dyllan to a orientation of "Wee little ones" something like pre-school that starts next Tuesday.
Ran errands all day.


7 Weird Facts about Me.

~~~~~I was not going to do a post today since I'm organizing my studio all day. But I got "tagged" by Jennifer Conway and in my defense, I can never pass up a good tag, especially a 'short' one!

The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
2. Share 7 facts about YOU. Let them be random weird, devastatingly interesting.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post, linking their name with the list.
4.Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blog.


Ava Grace Crown

~~~ Here is the Crown I submitted for the Ava Grace silent auction that is to take place September 16-22. Please let me know if you want me to send out a reminder to you the day before.

~~~ Ava Grace was born on February 12th, 2007 with Pfeiffer Syndrome .
She is truly a "little" Angel. 
~~~Now on to my Crown.

Dyllan, Dyllan, Dyllan

I just wanted to take a moment to show off this "cute" pic I took of Dyllan who is now 3. He's holding all he needs for nap time. Yes he still takes a nap. Little boys need to replenish their energy, even if it's only for a hour. In his bag are his trusty $1 bin toys from Target: 1 airplane, 1 helicopter, 1 sea plane, a rocket ship that looks like the challenger, and his worn with love Puppy. In his hand is a giraffe puppet and white tiger he got from his Aunt Katalina to which he call the tiger "kitty".


Good Karma

I've received so many comments on the crown you see in my banner! It also won 3rd place at this last summers fair, so I figured it was a sign to make another.

This particular crown always makes me feel good when I gaze at it's simple charm.

So I've decided to make a new one for the "Ava Grace" silent auction. It has lots of vintage charm; pearls, rhinestones, glitter and inspirational words.


~Have a great day!


Great, now I'm sleepy...

I took our 3 year old son, Dyllan out to lunch today.
We went to Boston Market.
I had my usual 3 side sampler with creamed spinach, garlic dill potatoes and sweet potatoes. Dyllan had mac'n'cheese with meat loaf to which he only liked the meat loaf if I fed it to him, and then of course I ate what he did not.

So now I'm full and sleepy and have a list of stuff to do before Dyllan wakes up from the nap I wish I were taking.
1. finish Dyllan's thank you cards from his birthday on July 30th.
2. Make the grocery list for a trip after nap. we have not gone in 2 weeks and I promised to make chili in the crock pot for Thursday to serve with a corn bread mix from trader joes.
3. finish my silent auction piece (a crown) for Ava Grace.

4. maybe wash the car later.


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