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Kawaii Crafter over from Zakka life tagged me for the 7 random things about me. The way I see it, you can never know too much about your fellow blog friends unless they are drunk. I'm not drunk so here goes....



1. I wear sarongs around the house often.


2. I love Tinker Belle, and Snow White.


3. I wear hearing aids. Mostly when in large groups. I've been wearing them for less than 10 years. You too? Let's chat!


4. I still believe I'll be famous someday.


5. I love good greek food -minus the lamb


6. Ever After is one of my Fave movies and makes me cry everytime, same with Pretty Woman.


7. Someday, I plan to open a Altered Art Studio for the public to create treasures.



So if you have not been tagged yet, consider your self tagged and share the love!


~~~~~A couple of post down you will see a chance for you to win a give away created by yours truly! Just tell us about your past pets by end of Sunday and I'll draw Monday morning.


Making some really cool, hush-hush idea's that are gonna thrill you when I get around to sharing the "how to" on wed. ~~~So excited!


Just got back from a day at D-land with Brian and Dyllan. It was so hot! But for Dyllan's sake, we rode the Monorail into the park, rode the Car-tophia which makes Dyllan shriek with delight, then on to Small World, visiting and Dyllan dancing with Belle in a story like play, Dyllan decorating a crown, Eating lunch a Casa Zorro where the food is really good and Dyllan can watch Thunder Mountain race by, riding Pooh-Bear and finishing with the Train ride all around the park.


Craft my Ride

Looking for a fun and interesting contest to enter? Check out Craft My Ride!

I don't know what I'm going to enter, but since I don't have send the item to them, just the pic...I'll play.

Good luck!

So Flippin' Weird!


I got this in a morning e-mail.
How do they do this? It's so flippin' weird!


The things you remember~Give away

~~~One of my daily blogs reads is always Because I said So. A stay at home mom with 6 kids all named after cities. Her wit and writing skills match Erma Bombeck and remind me also of my favorite comic, "For Better or For Worse"
~~~In today's post she talks alittle about her son's hermit crab that died plus other daily happenings. What I liked what her oldest son went into the garage and made a little tombstone with a piece of wood and distressed it to look old with white out! There is even a picture.
~~~So that brings me to remember of all the pets I've had and burials we've done.
In no particular order
1. Goldie the gold fish, we had many, all the same name and they all died either from too much food, or the cats scared them to fishy death.
2.Hermit Crabs. We brought some home from the tide pools once and they lived for a week in the bath tub. then they died and stunk up the place.
3. Parakeets, My Mom was really fond of parakeets despite the mess they made. She had the cage hanging to the right of the dining table and the cat's were always doing acrobatic leaps to hang off the cage. I think my mom went through 2 or three birds. I remember also that the feathers were so tiny and a pain to clean up.
4. Mama Kitty was the 1st and best cat. she eventually got eaten by a wild animal.
5. Quincy Jones got poisened by a neighbor
6. K.C. She died 2 year ago and is buried at my Mom's desert house.
7 Tyera was my cat and I gave him to my mom when I got married due to Brian's allergies. It was good for him and her. He died last November. He's buried at her house but I have his dish that I made him here.I want to make a little spot for him in my garden.
We had full on burials for all the pets in my mom's tiny patio garden, and I think that's why her plants always bloomed their best plus she's got a greener thumb than Martha Stewart.

I want to hear about your past pets. I'll do a drawing on sunday night after dinner. You can post as often as you like. I'll let Dyllan help pull a name and the winner will get a mini-altered album for you to record your furry loved ones. I'll also include inspiration quotes and some vintage wall paper scraps to fill your album with.
On posting....if you don't have a active blog, please include your e-mail addy so I may contact you! ~ If you have a blog, please make sure your profile is set to 'public' or else I can't reach you.

Happy posting!


Weekend Retreat

~~~ These photos are all from a amazing retreat I went on in Palm Springs! I promise to post more pic's later of what I actually made! But in the mean time, please enjoy the scenery.

I drove up with Teresa. We left my house about 9am. We got on the freeway toward the 55 but got to yapping and and did not realized that we passed the turn off until we got to the 22! So we turned around and what would normally take us 5 min., took us close to 30 cause we got stuck in traffic.
Got there safe and sound. loaded up our stuff in the crop hall and then later in our room. We also split a $12 croissant sandwich from the coffee shop. $12 you say? Well it is Palm Springs!
Cropping was fun with all the girls. I did bring too much stuff, but looking around, I realized I was not the only one and some of those ladies have done this retreat before!
Loved my 6' table and room to breathe. Did not love that there was no buffet.
Really did not love the food with the exception of our free breakfast from the hotel.(pic)
Friday dinner, 5 of us went out to Palm Desert mall to shop and pursue Wooten's. I got some sweet stuff! Then on to Marie Calendars for steak,shrimp and loaded potatoes. I'm soooooo glad I did not get the chicken.
Sat. lunch at the retreat was Caesar salad with Cajun chicken.
Sat. dinner at the retreat was angel hair pasta, asparagus and lemon chicken.
Sun. lunch at the retreat was oriental chicken salad.

Almost went swimming like I thought I would but needed the time to crop.
Jayme Miller
Kimber Smith
Teresa Bettenhauser
Valerie Jones
Krisha Hartman
Kathy Hood

My station
All 7 of us!, and then some...
I did 2 classes and got the best 15 min. $20 chair massage ever!
The blue tote I bought cause it came with a magnectic lazy base. The pink was stuffed with goodies and waiting at my station.
Massage area

Can you tell that I love taking pic's?

Since my idea of a good time was not to sit in the crop room the whole time, I stretched my legs outside taking in the beautiful scenery and old world charm.

a glimpse of a new day

On the way home, who could resist these guys?

I got an award!

It's always nice to be given an award for something you do and just reminds us that people do notice the little things we do. So what does this award really mean?
Well here is a little ditty I copied from Laura's blog...
~~~~~"The Power of Schmooze Award is for bloggers who effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.." I thank Laura of katydidy's for this honor!
So, who's next?
How about, Rosemary from Rosespetitemaison~ She is also the winning bid on my Ava Grace Crown!
Alison @ Creative Art and Craft by Alison Gibbs ~also wish her happy Birthday today!
Dale of Sea Dream Studio, please check out her pink fairy shoe~it's absolutely delightful!
Susan of Red Bess Bonney tagged me for 6 random things about my self.
1. If I have not mentioned it before, I hate wearing shoes inside my home or even checking for the mail. That will explain why the bottoms of my feet are often dirty.
2. Sometimes I twirl my hair, sometimes getting my finger stuck and cutting off circulation.
3. When I was little, I used to eat my hair. I seriously don't even know why.
4. I can't stand materialism and my eyes glaze over when people talk on and on about the name brands they just can't live with out. Except when it comes to craft supplies... ;0)
5. I have 1 younger real sister~ Katalina, 1 older 1/2 brother ~ John, 1 older 1/2 sister ~ Lorena, and 4 older step brothers~ Nelson,Andrew,Edward and Doug.
6. I believe in past lives and sixth sense.
Tonight I'm looking forward to getting some more knitting done watching Dancing with the stars and Ghost Hunters on sci-fi!
I agree with Susan from her response to my "Lookie-Lookie" post, the female model is not all there and I don't know about Wayne Newton. I've never ever seen in so up close and personal. I love his music and all but I did not realize how weird his face was! It kinda creeped me out to look at him! Is he hunch back? The upper torso was weird to and seemed to stop him from dancing right.
I really liked the foot work of the cheeta girl and the model guy did pretty well. Marie Osmand is a sweetheart but not the best dancer, I only wish Donny could have been dancing instead!
~~~A really long time ago at one of my earliest girl scout camping trips we were all waiting patiently for a guest entertainer in a outside fire pit area of a state park. I was front row, all of 12 years and who should show up but Donny Osmond singing "Puppy Love"! It was the best!


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