Thursday, September 6, 2007

Good Karma

I've received so many comments on the crown you see in my banner! It also won 3rd place at this last summers fair, so I figured it was a sign to make another.

This particular crown always makes me feel good when I gaze at it's simple charm.

So I've decided to make a new one for the "Ava Grace" silent auction. It has lots of vintage charm; pearls, rhinestones, glitter and inspirational words.


As part of this post, I also wanted to showcase some art blogs that I've recently discovered and am in absolute awe of the talent you will see!

Every week I'm going to try to show off 5 amazing blogs. I believe in good karma and practice it everyday. I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!

1. Lori Z
Her technique for coloring copper is stunning, her true color book is beautiful and if you scroll down far enough, you'll see her "gothika" project. ~ To which I'm in awe of.

2. Craftster
If you are not materialistic like me and like to have original stuff, then visit this blog. Right now it's a tip on making neat totes out of plastic grocery bags and stuff. Very ECO friendly!

3. Amy Peters
For those you crafters out there that are making your art mostly for profit, Amy's blog has a lot of great idea's to keep you focused!

4. Tartlette
Why bake a pie when you can bake a few tarts? Yummy, easy recipes and the baked donuts look devine!

5. Candy filled cones
Ok, so this is not a blog, but a more of cheat tip. I tell people how easy it is to make cones, but most of them just can't grasp the concept no matter how many times I show them! So here is a easy way to make those candy filled cones using paper snow cone cups!


Hope you enjoyed all that I have to offer today!
Now off to finish that beautiful "Ava Grace" crown!
I'm so excited and what a great way for people to get to know each others art!
~Have a great day!


Lori Z. said...

Michelle, thanks so much for your comments on my blog, and for listing my blog here! I'm going to add your blog to my "awesome blogs" list. Glad to be part of the Gothic art project with you!


RedBessBonney said...

Thanks, Michelle, for highlighting some great blogs!

Michelle said...

Thanks Lori for adding me to your "awesome blog' list! What a honor!

I just discovered your paper beads! what a delight!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Love the fabulous!

katydiddy said...

Great post today!

the feathered nest said...

That's going to be an awesome auction, so many talented people are involved. Thanks for all the links to those blogs. I'll check them out this weekend.

Manuela said...

Thanks for the list of blogs to check out. And for a peek at the pretty crown! Yes, that would be a great item to make for a fundraiser.


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