Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting Ready

~~~~~This is seriously the last scrapbook lay out I've done in a looong time! It was for a magazine Ad challenge I created for my group. It is of my Mother in Borrego Springs, Ca. We used to live there till I was about 10 and then she retired there cause she likes the desert beauty and heat.

~~~~~It's funny that I picked this shot cause I'll be visiting Borrego's neighbor, Palm Springs, next weekend! I'm soooo excited! There will be 7 of us from my scrapbook/altered-art group going! For most of us, it's our first retreat and 1st time away from the kids.

~~~~~The retreat is hosted by Croppin Away, I'll share a room with 2 other girls, all of our meals are provided and we have access to all 41 pools and 53 hot spas at the resort. We are also allowed to crop 24/7 if we need too! The retreat is being held at the beautiful La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs!

~~~~~Some are carpooling, some are driving seperate, but we all plan at sometime to visit
Wooten Scrapbook Co. on the way there! It's in Palm Desert, not to far from the retreat and the store looks amazing!

~~~~~So I've been packing and re-packing cause I don't want to take to much.

I plan on uploading bit's and pieces of our life from the last 3 years to costco on sunday. My main focus for the trip is to scrapbook and get caught up. I'm also bringing supplies to make seasonal greeting cards and beautiful altered art journals for both my shop and a boutique in November.

~~~~~I'm only missing a few events in Dyllan's 1st year, and the other 2 years, some of the events have been made into mini-books which I plan to make a few as well.


In between getting prepared, I'll also be shipping off stuff for 2 halloween swaps and a owl swap! I'll post "peeks' of those goodies before I mail them out!

Raven photo by my husband, Brian J. Cummings!


Rosemary said...

Hi Michelle,
Sounds like you are going to have a fun time. I think it will still be really hot there.
I'm getting ready to mail my swappy things too.
Have a great weekend, and tell your husband I love his photo of the raven.

Emily (all images copyright of the artist) said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the feedback about my work! It's always great to be reminded that more people than just my friends and family are looking at my blog. If that someday comes around that you would like to own one of my pieces, just say the word. I sell existing work and am happy to take commissions. Hope the auction goes well.

Cathy Nash said...

This pic is just in time to get everyone ready for Halloween!


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