Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weekend Retreat

~~~ These photos are all from a amazing retreat I went on in Palm Springs! I promise to post more pic's later of what I actually made! But in the mean time, please enjoy the scenery.

I drove up with Teresa. We left my house about 9am. We got on the freeway toward the 55 but got to yapping and and did not realized that we passed the turn off until we got to the 22! So we turned around and what would normally take us 5 min., took us close to 30 cause we got stuck in traffic.
Got there safe and sound. loaded up our stuff in the crop hall and then later in our room. We also split a $12 croissant sandwich from the coffee shop. $12 you say? Well it is Palm Springs!
Cropping was fun with all the girls. I did bring too much stuff, but looking around, I realized I was not the only one and some of those ladies have done this retreat before!
Loved my 6' table and room to breathe. Did not love that there was no buffet.
Really did not love the food with the exception of our free breakfast from the hotel.(pic)
Friday dinner, 5 of us went out to Palm Desert mall to shop and pursue Wooten's. I got some sweet stuff! Then on to Marie Calendars for steak,shrimp and loaded potatoes. I'm soooooo glad I did not get the chicken.
Sat. lunch at the retreat was Caesar salad with Cajun chicken.
Sat. dinner at the retreat was angel hair pasta, asparagus and lemon chicken.
Sun. lunch at the retreat was oriental chicken salad.

Almost went swimming like I thought I would but needed the time to crop.
Jayme Miller
Kimber Smith
Teresa Bettenhauser
Valerie Jones
Krisha Hartman
Kathy Hood

My station
All 7 of us!, and then some...
I did 2 classes and got the best 15 min. $20 chair massage ever!
The blue tote I bought cause it came with a magnectic lazy base. The pink was stuffed with goodies and waiting at my station.
Massage area

Can you tell that I love taking pic's?

Since my idea of a good time was not to sit in the crop room the whole time, I stretched my legs outside taking in the beautiful scenery and old world charm.

a glimpse of a new day

On the way home, who could resist these guys?


jessi nagy said...

what a fun weekend. that place is gorgeous!
i hope you got allot done.
jessi nagy

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Michelle, What a fantastic weekend you had. It sure sounds busy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing me a Happy Birthday. Alison

Emilia said...

wow!! I enjoy this post a lot! you must have tons of fun & relaxing!


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