Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Kawaii Crafter over from Zakka life tagged me for the 7 random things about me. The way I see it, you can never know too much about your fellow blog friends unless they are drunk. I'm not drunk so here goes....



1. I wear sarongs around the house often.


2. I love Tinker Belle, and Snow White.


3. I wear hearing aids. Mostly when in large groups. I've been wearing them for less than 10 years. You too? Let's chat!


4. I still believe I'll be famous someday.


5. I love good greek food -minus the lamb


6. Ever After is one of my Fave movies and makes me cry everytime, same with Pretty Woman.


7. Someday, I plan to open a Altered Art Studio for the public to create treasures.



So if you have not been tagged yet, consider your self tagged and share the love!


~~~~~A couple of post down you will see a chance for you to win a give away created by yours truly! Just tell us about your past pets by end of Sunday and I'll draw Monday morning.


Making some really cool, hush-hush idea's that are gonna thrill you when I get around to sharing the "how to" on wed. ~~~So excited!


Just got back from a day at D-land with Brian and Dyllan. It was so hot! But for Dyllan's sake, we rode the Monorail into the park, rode the Car-tophia which makes Dyllan shriek with delight, then on to Small World, visiting and Dyllan dancing with Belle in a story like play, Dyllan decorating a crown, Eating lunch a Casa Zorro where the food is really good and Dyllan can watch Thunder Mountain race by, riding Pooh-Bear and finishing with the Train ride all around the park.


kawaii crafter said...

thanks for playing

I love Greek food as well. There's a Greek festival held here every year and they have the best food. I love those things(can't remember the name) that resemble donut holes and are drizzled with honey, mmmm.


barbara burkard said...

I soooo KNOW you'll be famous someday...i can feel it!



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