Who would have thought?

Who would have thought that you could make a tote out of a rice bag, tassel earrings, paper stars, sock and roll sushi or even a octopus bath mit?
One of my favorite blogs to visit for fun idea's is Zakka Life! Click here to see her inspirational idea's!

Gothika "Sneak Peek"

Here is a little sneak peek of the Gothika project I've been working on. Adriane from
One Sunday Afternoon is organizing the process of putting all who participated into a book!
After I do the drop off with her on Monday, I'll give you all the full view!


Vintage cake toppers!

Here are some vintage cake toppers I just uploaded to my etsy shop!

Please let me know what you think!

Vintage Kitchen Swap!

Above is the wrapped goodies from me to my good friend Laura! The crown is a sampeling of what I made for her, but you can see the rest of the "goodies" here.
Here she is modeling the crown, doesn't she look cute?

She wrapped all my goodies in sparkely tissue paper that she got from the .99 cent store!

A vintage poster for my kitchen, some retro material and a CD of vinatge ad's.

A knifty cake decorationg kit, the images on the box are just adorable! and a cute handmade by Laura, magnet for my fridge!

and alas,...here I am in my new but really old and vintage apron stirring sweet nothings in the vintage pot I gave Laura!

Aaargh, there be Pirate Atc's!

This is my ATC I'm in a Yahoo ATC group called ATC World, it's a fun group and easy enough on the swaps that you don't feel pressured. Just pick what you want to do! I've always liked pirate's since I was little and I would save my Saturday mornings for "Family Film Festival" on the TV to watch daring and romantic Pirate movies!
Here are the ATC's I got back in the swap.

This front and back ATC was made by Pamela Gliadson, I like how she used a movie ticket in the design

by Jennifer Menken, It looks like sunken treasure!

by Carolyn Utter, added a neat sword charm to the pirates hand.

by Linda Tuttle, love the Charleston Heston!

by Lesly Bliss, love the letters!

by Wendy Brust, the wanted poster and 3-d image is just great!
by Gail Gibbs, I love the gold and the menacing pirate!
by Sheree Rose, Liked how she used a photo of her husband Steve and then "painted' over him for effect!
by Eleonoro Di Leo in Italy, this is so goth, I love it!


Weekend rambles

I've been finishing up on a project called "Gothika" where a bunch of us artist put together something something that reminds us of Mary Shelley, Dracula, Dark Romance and so forth. I've been taking photo's of mine as I go along to add to the journal pages that I'll be submitting along with the piece. All of our finished pieces will be photographed and put into a book. I'm very excited! But as I'm working on my piece, I have been experiencing the weirdest deja'vu that I've done this style of work some where before.

Last night, Dyllan played out in our cul de- sac with a neighbor kid on his tricycle. I've found that if I rubber band a long piece of side walk chalk onto the end of a wooden dowel , that I can save the grace of my knees and draw his train track standing up. I also add a small parking lot to his track for him to park his trike and other toys. He Loves it!

We waited for it to get nice and dark so we could go on our "flash light" walk. Then myself, Brian and Dyllan set off to see what we could find and to look for large tree spiders to which we found plenty in all sizes and colors.

Today, the weather is cool and over cast with a chance of thundershowers, Cool! I love lighting too but mostly from a distance. One time when I was little, my Mom, sister, I and a friend of the family were walking around the neighborhood in the rain. We went up to our gated pool to watch the rain dance on the waters surface when all of a sudden we heard a crack and saw lighting hit the water. It scared us all so much that if I see it hit too close to home, I duck.

Our plan today... I finish up on my project. Brian finish up on the wedding he shot yesterday. Later take Dyllan to the "special hamburger place", it's really just Fuddruckers but we call it special cause he can make his burger any way he wants, plus they have yummy ice cream!

After lunch... go to Walmart to get Dyllan a Little Einsteins DVD cause he was good ALL day on Saturday. Then come home to relax some more.

I hope everyone is having a great week end! I'll upload some new photos Monday on my blog and in my shop!


Angels unaware for Ava

Even though I am swamped with other projects, with art and in the home, I've decided to contribute part of 'me' to the Ava Grace silent auction.
I've never met this little angel, but her story has touched me so much and all the time reading, all I could think about was our little Dyllan.
This little girl "Ava Grace" came into this world for a reason. .
I think to teach us all a valuable lesson.
She truly is a little angel.


Starting to feel like Fall...

With the sudden change in the weather, I'm starting to feel like my old self again. 2 days ago it was 100 degree weather and today was perfect. Overcast, tree leaves turning brown (probaly from the heat~but still...)It's all a nice change. Here are some of my Fall Favorites and It will be fun to see how my style has changed when I start posting some "new" stuff! This is a "purse" book I made with my group. We've also done one for Mothers Day too.
I made 100 fall inspired flower pens for a wedding. Sound like alot? When I got married, I hand made 500! Yes, you can say that I've mastered the skill. ;0)

I made these cards last year for some friends and family. I like to have fun when I'm, crafting.

A Fall inspired mini book made from brown lunch sacks.
I've had several people ask if I'll be hosting a "Vintage Halloween" swap. As much as I LOVE Halloween, I have to say no. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I jam packed the month with events for my group, my family and my self.
I am, however participating in Hop Hop Jingle Boo's Halloween Swap!
Last day for her sign up is September 1st!


Please keep your blogging eye's and ear's ready for in November, I'll be hosting a "Vintage Christmas" swap with all my blog friends! I'll have more details later, but now is a good time to snatch up those holidays goodies at the flea markets before they are gone!


You might like this...

I've noticed that it has been a slow weekend in "Blog Land" for everyone including my self! I'm having a crop at my house today then off to swim at the in-laws later, so I should have something to show off!

I wanted to share some things that I thought you might like.

I swear, I will never again try the un-accurate map quest again! I needed directions to Joe's Crabshack in Garden Grove and my friend suggested trying Google. When you type in your from addy, it automatically gives you directions from a toll road. But if you go to the map and click on the blue line showing your destination, you can "drag" it to the nearest freeway and it automaticaly re-writes the "driving" directions!


I just love how easily it cleans everything! I use it in the wash, to clean the kitchen, it does wonders in the microwave and even gets my teeth whiter! All for pennies.

3. Baby Powder.

The site does not offer tips but I can have one that you'll swear by! I keep a bottle of baby powder in the car for when we go to the beach. Before you have lunch, dust everyone's hands with the powder, rub and the sand comes right off. No salty stickyness.

I now have a ritual when I'm leaving the beach with Dyllan. I get everything in the car. Put a towel on the pavement and strip him of all his swim wear. I then put baby powder all over his body and the sand comes right off! Even in his private area's. And the baby powder leaves him fresh and soft as a newborn!

That's all, I hope everyone has a safe, cool and creative weekend!


LOVE this!

I absoluteley LOVE this! My friend in my Scrapbook/Altered Art group made this and is selling it in her etsy shop! I just had to show it off since it's sooo cute!
Her name is Amy Walker and she's a Amazing artist! She does beautiful wall murals and even did faux brick in her kitchen ! So clever! Please check her out!


10 Reasons why I'm having a great summer so far...

1. This week I went to a crop at a friends house. Out of the blue she gave me 4 issues of Somerset Studio. And also gave me a Exyron sticker machine and a large laminator. Great tools I can share with the other girls in the group!

2. Yesterday, Dyllan and I went to Pico Beach in San Clemente, Ca. It's pretty much the only beach we go to cause it has a swing set and slide for the kids plus the trains go by all the time!
We had a grand time chasing waves, building sand castles and this time instead of him yanking off my arm in excitement when a wave came, I decided why not sit down and let the waves wash over and around us? I thought it was a great idea until I stood up and found I had sand up my 'wahoo'.

3. Seeing the Ringeling Barnum Bros. Circus train go by on the tracks yesterday.

4. Finding some "exactely what I wanted" shelves for FREE on craigs list!

5. Introducing Dyllan to frozen grapes inside while it's 100 degree's out side.

6. Letting Dyllan play in the kiddie pool outside after 6:00pm, and then giving him a quick bath in the same pool.

7. Knowing that tomorrow night Dyllan will experience the electrical parade for the 1st time and I'll probally watch his face during the whole show.

8. Summer Sunsets

9. Misreading dead lines on art projects and realizing I have more time than I expected.

10. Making new blog friends.


My Muse, My Gallery

Ever have one of those days that you just need to be reminded of all the wonderful things you've created? These are items that I've long since sold on e-bay, way before I even discovered the wonderful world of etsy. In a way I'm "showing off" to all my blogging friends, but I'm also giving myself a portal to view the little treasures that I created with all my heart. In a way I miss them, they were like little children. But then they do remind me what I'm capable of in the future.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy.

"Butterfly Kisses"

"ATC holders"
"Faerie Bride"

"Gypsy Charms"

"Raven Tags"

"Make a Wish"


I've been Tagged!

My good friend Laura tagged me this morning so I guess I will play the game. ;0)

4 Jobs I've Had:-
Play house Set designer
A Holiday decorator for a gourmet foods store
Assistant Girl Scout Leader

4 Films I would watch over & over:-
Ever After
Never Been Kissed
The Mummy 1 & 2
Coal Miners Daughter

4 Places I have lived:-
Garberville , Ca
San Juan Capistrano, Ca
San Clemente, Ca
Aliso Viejo, Ca

4 Favorite TV Shows:
Ghost Hunters (TAPS)
Just For laughs (reminds me of Candid Camera!)
Ghost Whisperer

4 Favorite Foods:
Authentic Mexican
Bad to the Bone's BBQ Ribs
Any Pasta

4 Websites I visit everyday:-
My Blog
Fiskateers ask Stephanie,May,Cheryl or Holly about it!
My Yahoo Groups

4 Places I love to be:-
At Burke Williams getting a facial and massage
Building sand castles with Dyllan at the Beach
Visiting with Family
In my Studio~ Creating

4 Favorite Colors:
Shabby Chic Colors
Deep Purple

4 Names I love but wouldn't use for my children:-
Christopher Robin

So that's it! Now I will Tag........

Die Hohe Dame Blended Colors

The 2 dolls are ones I've been meaning to show off for some time.
These are part of a yahoo group I'm in called Friendship Dolls.

The top one is a Mermaid I made. It was for a swap. The idea was for us to make a doll fashioned after our favorite drink. I felt the mermaid was fitting for a Margarita on the Rocks with salt. She even has a a minature comb and mirror bejeweled with sead beads in her bag!

The bottom one is one I got to keep and only had to make her for a challenge regarding our favorite flower. I used some old panty hose from days gone by to make a sun flower doll. It was my 1st time face sculpting and she won 2nd place. I got a nice box of goodies in the mail!



Today I got the official 'ok' from the husband to work all day on cleaning and organizing our studio.
(AKA~ office)

I'm so jazzed!

I'll pop a movie in the portable DVD player and plug away.

I have 5 craft deadlines this month plus 2 to re-do cause the lovely U.S. Postal service lost my packages and my art friends never got their treasures.

I'm really excited to list some new things on my etsy shop!

I'll have note cards, crowns and jewelry fashioned off the items that placed at the fair, and lots and lots of Halloween goodies! I've been working for 2 months now on those Halloween stuff!

So what shall Watch first? Hmmmm...

Victor Victoria?, Walk the Line? or Coal Miners Daughter?

When it comes to working in the studio, I like to watch musicals
or watch scary movies.

I think I'll start with Coal Miners Daughter!

I Believe today will be a good day!


In record time

My husband out of the blue mentioned to me that Costco has a turntable that you hook up to your computer and can burn your old records onto CD's! This is DREAM come true! I have so many records in storage! I love my records! I've got classic's that you will never find on CD. Some are vintage finds and some are signed by the artist. My records are like old friends. Except for the having to get up to turn them over, I'd listen to them for hours on a old console stereo. I'm ok with the occasional scratchiness sound quality.

So crossing my fingers that the hubby gets it, which I'm sure he will, since we need the space in storage.... ;0)

Artful Blogging Party

I've decided to share a simple mini book I made for todays blogging party hosted by Artsy Mama, http://artsymama.blogspot.com/

As you can see the book is quite simple. I used mini manila dividers and randomly covered them with 2 solid color card stock and 1 matching patterned cardstock. I used a make-up sponge to add tim holtz distress inks to the edges and created a random but charming design with just one foam stamp.

I also used a stapler, some adhesive and lots of ribbon scraps! If you dont have a crop-a-dile to cut all the holes at once in the end, you can use a regular hole puch, page by page.

The tabs of the book are nice for categorizing special events or photos.

I tied the book together with more matching ribbon.

I really like how it turned out!


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