My Muse, My Gallery

Ever have one of those days that you just need to be reminded of all the wonderful things you've created? These are items that I've long since sold on e-bay, way before I even discovered the wonderful world of etsy. In a way I'm "showing off" to all my blogging friends, but I'm also giving myself a portal to view the little treasures that I created with all my heart. In a way I miss them, they were like little children. But then they do remind me what I'm capable of in the future.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy.

"Butterfly Kisses"

"ATC holders"
"Faerie Bride"

"Gypsy Charms"

"Raven Tags"

"Make a Wish"


Julie said...

I love Faerie Bride. Hi, I've finally gotten aroound to make comments on the blogs whose authors entered my Loreena McKennitt giveaway. Very nice!

Julie said...

You are right - you were in the process of changing it just as I commented. Sorry I misspelled around. I have noticed that so many people connect with crows/ravens and I really like your interpretation.



Betty said...

Beautiful artwork. I don't think of it as bragging...think of it as an online art gallery! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Anonymous said...

You have provided wonderful creations for everyone's enjoyment. I think that you have a good eye for color and design. Thanks for letting me into your creative world.

alice k. said...

Thanks for sharing the treasures you've made, they are absolutely beautiful! I can let go of mine easier when I know they are going to a loving home. I'm sure your pieces are being treasured forever.

Laura Bray said...

I love the new look of the blog!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Oh, lusciousness! Love your creations!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly kisses opiece. That is truly sweet

Anonymous said...

ooha aah! i love everything! i love your banner.
jessi nagy


Sheri said...

woah ... ok i love them all... too bad theyre already gone... and thanx for tagging me... sorry i didnt really play it the same way by passing it on... and i DO love your crowns.... if you still have one at christmas time im shopping at your store!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Really wonderful art. I love it all. Nita

Anonymous said...

I love your artwork and "Buttefly Kisses" is realy wonderful! Sorry for my english but I love so yours creation...I must say to you.

Kara said...

oh I love the ATC holder, do you mind me asking what you use inside, I have about 200 now and no idea where to house them, my mom made me a small book but thats full
P.S. the butterflys are gorgeous


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