Aaargh, there be Pirate Atc's!

This is my ATC I'm in a Yahoo ATC group called ATC World, it's a fun group and easy enough on the swaps that you don't feel pressured. Just pick what you want to do! I've always liked pirate's since I was little and I would save my Saturday mornings for "Family Film Festival" on the TV to watch daring and romantic Pirate movies!
Here are the ATC's I got back in the swap.

This front and back ATC was made by Pamela Gliadson, I like how she used a movie ticket in the design

by Jennifer Menken, It looks like sunken treasure!

by Carolyn Utter, added a neat sword charm to the pirates hand.

by Linda Tuttle, love the Charleston Heston!

by Lesly Bliss, love the letters!

by Wendy Brust, the wanted poster and 3-d image is just great!
by Gail Gibbs, I love the gold and the menacing pirate!
by Sheree Rose, Liked how she used a photo of her husband Steve and then "painted' over him for effect!
by Eleonoro Di Leo in Italy, this is so goth, I love it!

1 comment:

Sheri said...

awsoem atc's ... I'm just now getting into it... never really made any before... :)


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