Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend rambles

I've been finishing up on a project called "Gothika" where a bunch of us artist put together something something that reminds us of Mary Shelley, Dracula, Dark Romance and so forth. I've been taking photo's of mine as I go along to add to the journal pages that I'll be submitting along with the piece. All of our finished pieces will be photographed and put into a book. I'm very excited! But as I'm working on my piece, I have been experiencing the weirdest deja'vu that I've done this style of work some where before.

Last night, Dyllan played out in our cul de- sac with a neighbor kid on his tricycle. I've found that if I rubber band a long piece of side walk chalk onto the end of a wooden dowel , that I can save the grace of my knees and draw his train track standing up. I also add a small parking lot to his track for him to park his trike and other toys. He Loves it!

We waited for it to get nice and dark so we could go on our "flash light" walk. Then myself, Brian and Dyllan set off to see what we could find and to look for large tree spiders to which we found plenty in all sizes and colors.

Today, the weather is cool and over cast with a chance of thundershowers, Cool! I love lighting too but mostly from a distance. One time when I was little, my Mom, sister, I and a friend of the family were walking around the neighborhood in the rain. We went up to our gated pool to watch the rain dance on the waters surface when all of a sudden we heard a crack and saw lighting hit the water. It scared us all so much that if I see it hit too close to home, I duck.

Our plan today... I finish up on my project. Brian finish up on the wedding he shot yesterday. Later take Dyllan to the "special hamburger place", it's really just Fuddruckers but we call it special cause he can make his burger any way he wants, plus they have yummy ice cream!

After lunch... go to Walmart to get Dyllan a Little Einsteins DVD cause he was good ALL day on Saturday. Then come home to relax some more.

I hope everyone is having a great week end! I'll upload some new photos Monday on my blog and in my shop!

3 comments: said...

Your art on etsy is really cute
My friend has a shop on there- it's just a great site to find awesome handmade things

Sheri said...

hey I really miss fudruckers... nothing like it here in Germany.... and your Gothika project sounds really cool!

KARA said...

wow you sound like the funnest parents, lucky dyllan, have just come by your blog way of katydiddys.
your gothika project sounds great, i love the film.


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