Friday, August 10, 2007

I've been Tagged!

My good friend Laura tagged me this morning so I guess I will play the game. ;0)

4 Jobs I've Had:-
Play house Set designer
A Holiday decorator for a gourmet foods store
Assistant Girl Scout Leader

4 Films I would watch over & over:-
Ever After
Never Been Kissed
The Mummy 1 & 2
Coal Miners Daughter

4 Places I have lived:-
Garberville , Ca
San Juan Capistrano, Ca
San Clemente, Ca
Aliso Viejo, Ca

4 Favorite TV Shows:
Ghost Hunters (TAPS)
Just For laughs (reminds me of Candid Camera!)
Ghost Whisperer

4 Favorite Foods:
Authentic Mexican
Bad to the Bone's BBQ Ribs
Any Pasta

4 Websites I visit everyday:-
My Blog
Fiskateers ask Stephanie,May,Cheryl or Holly about it!
My Yahoo Groups

4 Places I love to be:-
At Burke Williams getting a facial and massage
Building sand castles with Dyllan at the Beach
Visiting with Family
In my Studio~ Creating

4 Favorite Colors:
Shabby Chic Colors
Deep Purple

4 Names I love but wouldn't use for my children:-
Christopher Robin

So that's it! Now I will Tag........

Die Hohe Dame Blended Colors

The 2 dolls are ones I've been meaning to show off for some time.
These are part of a yahoo group I'm in called Friendship Dolls.

The top one is a Mermaid I made. It was for a swap. The idea was for us to make a doll fashioned after our favorite drink. I felt the mermaid was fitting for a Margarita on the Rocks with salt. She even has a a minature comb and mirror bejeweled with sead beads in her bag!

The bottom one is one I got to keep and only had to make her for a challenge regarding our favorite flower. I used some old panty hose from days gone by to make a sun flower doll. It was my 1st time face sculpting and she won 2nd place. I got a nice box of goodies in the mail!


katydiddy said...

Great dolls Michelle. It's also nice to learn some new things about you!

The Glitter Fairy said...

Thanks for the tag, Michelle. What fun!
Love your stuff & blog.
Take care and have a great weekend,

alice k. said...

I love your dolls! They are absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Julie Marie said...

I really, really like the mermaid with the multi-colored hair!



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