The Perfect Summer Snack!

Home grown cucumber (if possible) sliced 1/4" thick
A sprinkle of salt onto each slice
Then a bit of this new seasoning by McCormick.
It has just the right amount of dried lime, chili pepper, garlic and lemon.
Makes the perfect summer time snack!
What's your favorite summertime treat?

~ Michelle Frae Cummings


Fun in Catalina!

We had a great time visiting Catalina Island last Saturday! Did you know that the wait for a gas powered car is 23 years which means every home is allowed 1 electric golf cart, no matter how many people live in the home?

~ Michelle Frae Cummings


Faerie Tiara made with Dew drops!

So here's a Tiara I made using a child's plastic toy and some Dew Drops from The Robins Nest!
Please visit their blog to see the rest of this Tiara and a magical Wand to match!


Traditions Holiday Store- Part 3 of 3

I saved the best for last!
The Traditions Holiday Store in Canoga Park, CA - needs to be put on your "to -visit" list!
It's the most amazing place to find vintage and vintage inspired Holiday decor and Ornaments! 
I am in love with everything this store has to offer!
Here you can find part 1 of this post with photos of other theme inspired tree's...Valentines, St.Patricks Day, Birds, Mermaids and more!
Then go here to see my post of their vintage Easter and Halloween decorations. :)
Since I have been there they have added oodles of more great items. Just see for your self here!

( I received permission from The Traditions Holiday owners to post these photos for you to see.
Please do not copy these photos from my blog with out their granted permission. Thank You. )


Traditions Holiday Store - Part 2 of 3

So here is more from the Traditions Holiday Store! Easter and Halloween.
Of course, this is just a peek of what you will see in person. :)
See part 1 of this post here.


( I received permission from The Traditions Holiday owners to post these photos for you to see.
Please do not copy these photos from my blog with out their granted permission. Thank You. )


Traditions Holiday Store - Part 1 of 3

Recently I visited a friend in Los Angeles and went to this store. It's called Traditions. You might have seen them featured on the back page of Romantics magazine. The store is now my favorite and worth the visit!
HERE is there web site.  They are located in Canoga park in a industrial area. Don't let the outside of their drab building fool you....because the inside (as you can see) is Delightful!
Tomorrow I'll post some Easter and Halloween and on Wednesday Vintage Christmas! See you then!

( I received permission from The Traditions Holiday owners to post these photos for you to see.
Please do not copy these photos from my blog with out their granted permission. Thank You. )


Leslie Rahye's "Fairy Land Blog Hop!"

I'm very excited that you could come and visit me today!
This particular blog hop theme is already a favorite with me
 and I could not wait to share with you what I created!
But first a  huge thanks to Leslie Rahye for putting these blog hops together
 for us to create and for you to be inspired! :)
All of our blog hops with Leslie are based around Steam Punk.
You can see past Steam Punk blog hops here.
This time we incorporated Faeries into the theme.
Perfect for me!
 Because I love them both, so decided to create a Steam Punk Faerie garden!
I'm sure it looks a little busy in the pot above.
But I assure you it was SO fun to make and I hope the photos below inspire
you to add a little Steam Punk Faerie charm to your own little garden!
A little jar filled with tiny gears, springs and magical pixie dust.....
Enchanted mirrors to guide your way and a timeless clock encouraging you to stay...
Birds of a feather all flock together to live in this wee Faerie garden...
A Steam Punk inspired flower to set the scene right...
Making the fence out of a collection of old vintage keys was my favorite part...
Seems so fitting for a Faerie Steam Punk garden....Don't you agree? :)
A miniature Victorian lamp post will light your way...
Thank you for coming by! I hope you and your "inner" child like what you see.  :)
Please click the links below for some more Faerie inspiration and a few magical giveaways!
I will be offering 3 lucky readers some Magical Pixie Dust, so be sure to leave me a way to reach you in case you win...International welcome as long as your country allows "glitter" to be mailed.
Thanks! :)


Designer Crafts Connection - Back to School Crafts!

 Hi Everyone!
     I hope you having a great Summer! This months theme for the Designer Crafts Connection group is "Back to School" So I let Dyllan pick out his choice of decorative Duct Tape at the retail store and then I decorated a few things he can use at his desk or at home where he does homework.  I think these penguins are just the cutest little guys ever! Don't you?
As you can see, it's quite simple to cover inexpensive school supplies and pencil cases. (plastic or material) to make them look fantastic! I hope this easy project has inspired you to make some ordinary school supplies into something fun!
Please hop "forward" with the blog hop button below for some other fabulous "Back to School" idea's!
~ Michelle Frae Cummings


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