Check out my new iPad case and purse!

After much going back and forth of thinking of buying a case vs. making a case, I decided to make one to fit MY needs.

I totally LOVE it!
I promise before the end of Spring to post a basic tutorial here and to also list a few (made up) in my etsy shop for those of you who want one for your ipad , reader or other tablet.
I can also make a stand, but mine did not need one as I don't use it for movies.
Looks so stylish in my purse!
Here is custom ipad purse I made using from a art piece I created from a Alisa Burke class.
I'm going to CHA Sunday and will post of my adventures soon!
Have a great weekend!


Jeepers, Creepers, where did you get those Peepers?....

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving back from picking up my new studio craft table from my brother in laws house in San Juan Capistrano. I was just passing my old neighborhood, wanting to glance at my old house, when I glanced to my left and almost swallowed my gum as I saw this.
First thought in my mind was the creepy movie, "Jeepers Creepers".

Then upon realizing what it was, I stopped my car to grab a few photo's. I was lucky to have my Nikon 8700 with me and was able to capture this Turkey Vulture! Usually they are not roosting this early in the morning. They fly in at dusk after spending the day close by on the Ortega Highway, scavenging for road kill and such.

Above, you can see how far away I was, but my camera got me in closer.

and in...even closer.
Look at that wing span!

Then he flew off into a old oak tree, the branch bowed dangerously with it's weight.

It was nice to see a bit of wild nature up close!


Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Energy AFTER

March of 2010, I put together 3 bundles of the 5 elements.
You can see that first post here.

(The premise was to gather items, bundle them up and then put them in your garden space somewhere, and leave them be exposed to natures elements)

I compiled assorted materials in each bundle and then placed them in various parts of my small patio garden.
Last month, I unwrapped them all in the my garage.
Surprisingly, I did not find any bugs or spiders.
Black was buried in the ground

I especially love how nicely everything rusted. Even the Altoids tin is rusted shut!

I learned that some things don't bleed as well as I had hoped.
And some things got moldy.

Orange was hung in a hibiscus tree.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything bled in this bunch.

I like how the mesh fibers left their mark on the fabric....

and how the bottle cap left a rusted design. :)

Red was hung out in the open under a trellis.

While some of the papers bled, I was not overly impressed with the results.

I guess I expected more.

The beads and bell did well.

but everything else disappointed me.

I won't be hanging a new bundle this year as I'm re-vamping my tiny garden, getting ready for some spring plantings. But next year I will start my bundle in October. I want to incorporate more things that will rust. I can't wait!
Here, I've nicely packaged up my bundles and stored them safely in the garage, waiting to be created into something soon! :)


Critter Carnival

Last weekend, what started as pulling up a bunch of weeds, ended up me pulling up the 3 kinds of grass from our (tiny) front lawn. When finished, I plan to put in some drought friendly plants that are pretty and low maintenance. In the meantime, Dyllan brought out his "Critter Carnival" for me to add what ever I found crawling around. (he got this last year for his birthday)

And some of the things I found were pretty creepy. If I had not been wearing my gloves when finding them, I might have screamed a bit. I can handle worms in my bare hand, no sweat but creepy crawlies makes my skin crawl.

It's fun to watch them run around or go through things. You can find this on amazon here and there is a cute video short about it. I don't recommend ant, they crawl right out, and spiders will spin webs and make everything sticky. There is a spot to add some water and two strange holes in the container that I put tape across so the bugs would not go inside the base.


Sunset in my neighborhood 1/1/11

Just beautiful.

a good ole' southern California sunset.

Wishes, Dreams,Love & Happiness to you!

~ by: Michelle Cummings 1/2011

(please click on the photo for a close up! let me know what you think of this trial test of my new graphic art!)


"Santa" Atc's

Here is the result of the last ATC swap I participated in with my Fiskateer pals.
The ones on the top are the extra's I made for myself. :)


.50 to $1.00 Craft magazines for SALE in my shop!

I just listed a BUNCH of magazines in my shop! Get them while they are hot!

.50- $1.00!

For every sale, up to - 111...the purchaser will receive a $5 gc towards their next purchase. This will continue till the 111th sale, to which the purchaser of 'that' sale will receive a $20 gc!

Now here is where it gets "extra" good.

YOU post here in comments people who you are going to tell about my shop, or have already told, and if any of those up to - 111 "sales" mention you as the person that told them about my shop, you will also get the same gc...$5 - $20!

Thanks! And good luck!

(magazines below are just teasers...there more in my shop!)


1-1-2011 Aliso Creek Beach, CA

On the first day of this year,
Brian, Dyllan and I partook in our yearly ritual of visiting the beach.
Rain or shine.
Here we visited our favorite local spot,
Aliso Creek Beach.
We found to our delight
and amazement
that the tide was all the way out in sea,
revealing treasures
we have never seen on normal beach days!
(please click on any photo for a visual treat!)


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