Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Energy AFTER

March of 2010, I put together 3 bundles of the 5 elements.
You can see that first post here.

(The premise was to gather items, bundle them up and then put them in your garden space somewhere, and leave them be exposed to natures elements)

I compiled assorted materials in each bundle and then placed them in various parts of my small patio garden.
Last month, I unwrapped them all in the my garage.
Surprisingly, I did not find any bugs or spiders.
Black was buried in the ground

I especially love how nicely everything rusted. Even the Altoids tin is rusted shut!

I learned that some things don't bleed as well as I had hoped.
And some things got moldy.

Orange was hung in a hibiscus tree.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything bled in this bunch.

I like how the mesh fibers left their mark on the fabric....

and how the bottle cap left a rusted design. :)

Red was hung out in the open under a trellis.

While some of the papers bled, I was not overly impressed with the results.

I guess I expected more.

The beads and bell did well.

but everything else disappointed me.

I won't be hanging a new bundle this year as I'm re-vamping my tiny garden, getting ready for some spring plantings. But next year I will start my bundle in October. I want to incorporate more things that will rust. I can't wait!
Here, I've nicely packaged up my bundles and stored them safely in the garage, waiting to be created into something soon! :)


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