January 29, 2011

Check out my new iPad case and purse!

After much going back and forth of thinking of buying a case vs. making a case, I decided to make one to fit MY needs.

I totally LOVE it!
I promise before the end of Spring to post a basic tutorial here and to also list a few (made up) in my etsy shop for those of you who want one for your ipad , reader or other tablet.
I can also make a stand, but mine did not need one as I don't use it for movies.
Looks so stylish in my purse!
Here is custom ipad purse I made using from a art piece I created from a Alisa Burke class.
I'm going to CHA Sunday and will post of my adventures soon!
Have a great weekend!


ArtZhodgepodge said...

Love the case.Isn't it fun to have something unique. I know the feeling I made one for my nook.

Mark de Zabaleta said...

Interesting blog!


chrissy said...

michelle...i STILL have my canvas art that i did with alisa too...what a wonderful idea. (i met you at seaside)
hope you are well.


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