January 7, 2011

I'm gutting my Studio & Problem Solved!

I did take before photo's, but I'm not going to show you any because it's not pretty.
I'm starting now, and plan to be finished next Wednesday. I am pulling EVERYTHING out. So I can organize, classify, sort and toss. My goal is to use what I have. Give life to old stuff.
I LOVE seeing how people re purpose things in the home to make it work for the studio! If you have verbal or photographic idea's to share...please send them to me! I'd like to see them and I'll even post your idea's (if you want) for others to see!

~ I've also started a new category (on the left side of my blog) called "Problem Solved".
Just little tips here and there that make me go "duh".
You know what I mean? Feel free to tell me your ideas too! I'd be happy to post them!

Here is a solution to the hanging hole for a calendar where it's always tearing. This is one of those $1 family calendars from Michaels craft store. I love them, but for $1 you get thinner pages, which are more likely to tear.

So covered each hole front and back with reinforcement stickers!

Problem Solved!

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