"Celebration" - Boy Card

Perfect for a Boy's Birthday, Fathers Day, Graduations and so much more!
You see how I made it here.


I made a School Play Scenic background.

 I'm really sorry that I have not posted in a while. It's been a little busy around here with home stuff and the end of school coming soon. Dyllan's school is putting on a play this Friday and Saturday. Its a Flat Stanley Musical. I was asked to help do the scenery for the play.  It's been a while since I've done scenic backgrounds. Before I met my husband, when I used to live in San Juan Capistrano, I used to volunteer my free time and paint backgrounds and set props for the Camino Real House.

Here is day 1.
I'm limited to using school supplied paper that is stored on rolls and comes in primary colors. The director had asked for two scenes here. A Hawaii/ Beach scene  and a Park scene. I used a stapler to attach the paper to the walls. Then I had to cut out the clock, speaker and wall plate shapes.  I cut out shapes for the scenes. Took about 3 hours as I had to also wait to use the only tall ladder.

Day 2 plus 2 1/2  hours
I did everything on my own. No one really offered to help except on the last day when I was adding paint here and there. But I had it pretty much covered.

Day 3 and Done.
This is the Park scene.

And here is the Hawaii/ Beach scene.
 I placed the black frame borders around both scenes to help difference them.

 At the end of day 2, I took the paper scraps home and made the leaves, nest and eggs. I brought my paints with me on Day 3 to add detail and then extra fun with a black sharpie.

I made the cloud extra big, then stapled around it so I could stuff it with paper to make it "puffy". 
I covered a .99 kite with red paper and attached it to the cloud with duct tape.  
 The palm tree trunk is made from layers of paper that I cut with Fringe scissors.  I used a sea sponge to add "sand" with beige paint.
 The director liked the idea of the Sun connecting both scenes. I used a sharpie to add the whimsical design.
 The bucket, pail and sea shells were so randomly made. I like how the star on the pail matches the star on the kite.
 I have never made a palm tree. I had to dig deep in my creative memory to make this one. I'm glad it turned out so well. I made the coconuts at home.
 Having my paints with me really helped in accenting the water. When you are working with blue water against a blue sky, paint really does wonders.
 I painted the flower leaves, stems and grass at home.
 My favorite is this nest with eggs which I made at home. The eggs are the blue paper which I splattered with paint from a brush.
 For the birds, I drew one shape onto black paper, folded the paper like a accordion then cut them all out at once. Anything I did not staple down, I used tacky glue.
The ocean was lacking color and my energy was well spent. For day 3 I was there, for 4 1/2 hours. I added a couple of these Dr.Seuss inspired fish and called it a night.

I'll post more photos of the rest of scenes after the play.


Annual Mermaid ATC swap!

Here are the results from this years Mermaid ATC swap hosted by my friend, Valerie Myers.
She host one every year. Click here for past Mermaid ATC swap! :)


Mothers Day @ the Beach

 Yesterday for Mothers Day, we went to my favorite place to relax...the beach!  Aliso Creek Beach, about 20 minutes from our home. It was a beautiful day. We arrived about 10am. Pitched and decorated our canopy, set up a table, chairs and umbrella. Friends and their kids arrived after 11am and we stayed until 4pm.

Baby sand crabs.

 Sea gulls, loons, pelicans, a frolicking sea lion and even a whale were seen from ashore.
 The tide pools were teaming with life. You had to watch where you stepped. Sea anenomes everywhere!

 This was my lunch. I pre cooked hot dogs in the morning, made pasta salad and friends brought a large watermelon that we cut up as needed. When I eat hot dogs I like Nathans gluten free dogs because they are also SOY free, the buns are SOY and Barley free and the toppings are Nathans half sour pickles, peperoncinis, yellow mustard on top of "2" dogs. Cause that's how I like it. )
 The water was the perfect blue green. Reminded me of Cabo. Everything was perfectly perfect for Mothers Day.
Towards the end of our stay, the wind picked up bringing clouds and cold, so while we packed up,  we assembled some .99 cent kites for the kids to fly. A perfect ending to a perfect day.
How was your Mothers Day celebration?


Design Team Call

The Robin’s Nest is looking for a few awesome Papercraft Artist that can showcase The Robin’s Nest products!! If you LOVE Paper crafts and lots of bling and use it on layouts, cards & projects then show us what you love to do!!

We are looking for talented artists who inspire others to create.

What’s expected of a Robin’s Nest Design Team Member?

* The ability to showcase our products!

* Take good photos or scans of projects

* Interact with our members on facebook and our blog

The Details –

*The Robin’s Nest Design Team is for 6 months from July 1, 2012 – Dec31, 2012.

* Create a minimum of 2 layouts/projects per month posting on both your blog and The Robin’s Nest Blog – dates will be given when team in picked.

* Participation on the Facebook is a MUST.

* Submit work for publication.

* Be a part of one Blog Hop during the 6 months. Date given at a later date

* Promote The Robin’s Nest by posting the above layouts/projects on other online galleries and blogs with working links to the store and blog.

The Robin’s Nest Design Team will receive -

* The Robin’s Nest products for your term, shipped in 2 shipments one for the first 3 months and the second for the other 3 months, participation will be rewarded.

* New Products release.

* Your bio and picture featured on our blog.

How to Apply –

Send your bio, blog address and facebook info to Terri@ultimatescrapbookretreat.com with “DT applications” in the regards (this way you don’t get deleted – I get lots of spam mail) Must have bio to Terri Sproul by June 10th.

Submit/Post 1 project on your blog on by June 11th 12AM EST to be viewed. This post must have our logo (you will be sent logo when you send your bio to Terri Sproul) and step by step directions on how you make this project with links to The Robins’ Nest blog and website

Project – can be anything you love to make, Scrapbook, Cards, Mixed Media, Altered Art… Just Think out of the box and impress me…

Join our facebook and blog is a MUST and is very important to the success of our team!

All entries MUST utilize Paper if you can use ours even better!! Work submitted must be recent and can be previously published or displayed on blogs or online galleries.

Deadline to enter June 10th , 2012 (12PM PST)

Here’s what to include with your emailed submission –

* We want to know all about you! – Your bio

* What’s your style?

* Why would you like to be on our team?

* Are you frugal, organized, have marketing ideas etc.. if so share with us what you can bring to our team.

* Link to your active blog?

* Are you active on any Forums or Message Boards? (Please List)

* Give an example of a class or technique you would like to share with others. If it is one you have done previously please link to it.

* Details of any other manufactures or store/kit DT’s you are on Do you have a scrapbook resume, or a link to a gallery, share with us.

Final decisions will be made on June 15th’sh and the Robin’s Nest Design Team will be announced shortly thereafter!!


Beaded Mothers Day Ring

 This month, many of us are showcasing fun and easy Mothers Day gifts. Here, I have a beaded ring for you to try.
 You simply need the following:
Precision scissors, jewelry pliers, 26 gauge craft wire, a 3 loop adjustable ring, and assorted colors of seed beads.
 Start with a 12" piece of wire. Secure one end to the first ring loop and cinch the end so it won't scratch you. Put 10 beads onto the wire and thread it into the same first loop.
 Repeat this step into the same loop.
 Then put 10 more beads onto the wire and thread it into the middle loop and finish with 2 more on the end loop. 2-1-2.
 Now put 20 beads onto the wire.
 Thread this into the first ring loop, using your pliers to help pull the wire through if needed.  Repeat this step with the remaining two loops.
 Next put 30-34 beads onto the wire.
Thread this through the center of all the beaded loops.
 Secure the end wire in and out of the ring loops, near the base. Pull tight, snip and secure any sharp points.
You ring is ready to wear or give as a gift! Thanks for coming by, I hope you are inspired to make this for your Mom, child's Teacher, friend or even for yourself! :)


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