Monday, May 7, 2012

Beaded Mothers Day Ring

 This month, many of us are showcasing fun and easy Mothers Day gifts. Here, I have a beaded ring for you to try.
 You simply need the following:
Precision scissors, jewelry pliers, 26 gauge craft wire, a 3 loop adjustable ring, and assorted colors of seed beads.
 Start with a 12" piece of wire. Secure one end to the first ring loop and cinch the end so it won't scratch you. Put 10 beads onto the wire and thread it into the same first loop.
 Repeat this step into the same loop.
 Then put 10 more beads onto the wire and thread it into the middle loop and finish with 2 more on the end loop. 2-1-2.
 Now put 20 beads onto the wire.
 Thread this into the first ring loop, using your pliers to help pull the wire through if needed.  Repeat this step with the remaining two loops.
 Next put 30-34 beads onto the wire.
Thread this through the center of all the beaded loops.
 Secure the end wire in and out of the ring loops, near the base. Pull tight, snip and secure any sharp points.
You ring is ready to wear or give as a gift! Thanks for coming by, I hope you are inspired to make this for your Mom, child's Teacher, friend or even for yourself! :)

1 comment:

Melony said...

I like the idea of using seed beads on 3 loop rings. I did not even know that these findings existed. A great idea for Mom!


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