Art Quilt Fabric Elements Blog Hop

Recently a few designers including myself, received a "Mini Paper Quilt Kit" from artist Rebekah Meier.  She sent every one a kit from her Fabric Elements line!

As you can see, the kit comes with quite a lot but also list what additional supplies that are needed.
The instructions that came with the kit are easy to follow.
Here I will show you how I created my colorful Art Quilt!

  • Fabric Elements Kit
  • Neon Craft Paint in yellow, orange and pink.
  • Turquoise craft paint
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam brush
  • Strong double sided tape
  • Turquoise marker.
1. Follow the instructions included with the kit.
2. When you are ready to add color, dab the yellow paint randomly onto your piece with the foam brush.

3.  Add some orange.

4.  Paint the bubble wrap with the pink paint.

5.  Press the painted bubble wrap onto your piece, lift off to reveal some fun!
6.  Repeat process until desired effect is achieved.

7.  Paint the included foam piece with the turquoise paint and do the same as you did with the bubble wrap.
8.  A little or a lot, its up to you.

9.  Dip the end of your foam brush handle into the yellow paint and stamp some bright 'pops' of color onto your piece.

10.  When the paint has dried, finish putting everything together. Use a sewing machine to stitch your art quilt as recommended by way of the kit sample, or use the double sided tape as I did. Accent with  vintage trim and add 'stitching' with the marker.

It's so vibrant and pretty as is...I may not add anything else!

See more creative idea's 
using the Fabric Elements line 
by Rebekah Meier- here and enter to win this gift pack!
Good Luck!


Chalkboard Welcome Sign

How cool is this sign? So easy to make too!
Best part? It's reversible!
Check it out here!


Easy Dishwasher Magnet

With a few craft store items, you too can make this simple dishwasher magnet!
See the tutorial here.


Sharpie Dyed Back 2 School Pencil Pouch

When it comes to Back-2-School shopping around here, we like to find items that are eye catching and cheap to make! I like to join in on the fun and decorate pouches for my own art supplies too!
To make this back 2 school pouch, you will need the following:

1.  A clean canvas pouch. I got this at a Japanese store near me called Daiso. But you can also find these at dollar stores too!

 2... Assorted sharpie permanent markers in a variety of colors and tips. I found that the fluorescent colors were the most eye catching in the final outcome.

 4. 91% Isoprophyl (Rubbing) alcohol - found in the pharmacy section of Walmart or any other convenience store.
5. Travel sized spray bottle.

 6. Plastic bin.
7. Wire rack or baking sheet.

 *Begin by drawing a basic repetitive pattern on both sides of the pouch.
Make sure you are in a well ventilated room or have a fan blowing on you as the pens do stink.

 * Scribble with the colors.

 * Go crazy and add lots of color, have fun with this!

 *Fill in any empty spots with the brighter colors.

 * Once you have colored both sides, go outside and place the pouch on top of the rack in the bin.
* Starting in one section spray with the rubbing alcohol.
* You will see results instantly.
* When you have fully saturated and blended both sides, leave the pouch outside to air out and 'set' in the heat of the sun.
* If you have no sun, you can toss pouch in the dryer or iron to set the dye. Place pouch in a old pillow case to protect dryer and use a sheet of parchment paper when ironing to protect the iron.

Fill with your favorite School or Crafting supplies and have fun!
See more Back-2-School ideas here!


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