August 25, 2016

Art Quilt Fabric Elements Blog Hop

Recently a few designers including myself, received a "Mini Paper Quilt Kit" from artist Rebekah Meier.  She sent every one a kit from her Fabric Elements line!

As you can see, the kit comes with quite a lot but also list what additional supplies that are needed.
The instructions that came with the kit are easy to follow.
Here I will show you how I created my colorful Art Quilt!

  • Fabric Elements Kit
  • Neon Craft Paint in yellow, orange and pink.
  • Turquoise craft paint
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foam brush
  • Strong double sided tape
  • Turquoise marker.
1. Follow the instructions included with the kit.
2. When you are ready to add color, dab the yellow paint randomly onto your piece with the foam brush.

3.  Add some orange.

4.  Paint the bubble wrap with the pink paint.

5.  Press the painted bubble wrap onto your piece, lift off to reveal some fun!
6.  Repeat process until desired effect is achieved.

7.  Paint the included foam piece with the turquoise paint and do the same as you did with the bubble wrap.
8.  A little or a lot, its up to you.

9.  Dip the end of your foam brush handle into the yellow paint and stamp some bright 'pops' of color onto your piece.

10.  When the paint has dried, finish putting everything together. Use a sewing machine to stitch your art quilt as recommended by way of the kit sample, or use the double sided tape as I did. Accent with  vintage trim and add 'stitching' with the marker.

It's so vibrant and pretty as is...I may not add anything else!

See more creative idea's 
using the Fabric Elements line 
by Rebekah Meier- here and enter to win this gift pack!
Good Luck!


  1. amazing color and love your take on the kit!!

  2. Michelle your use of bright neons makes this so happy and full of energy. I think I'm going to have to break out my neon paints and felts and try some fun variations. :)

  3. So colorful - a great twist on the kit!

  4. Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing the process.

  5. love the bright colors, thanks for sharing

    Barb Housner

  6. very colorful project, reminds me of summer time

  7. So bright and cheery! I love it how it came out!

  8. Fun project! I love the bright colors!

  9. Gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant and cheery. I like all of the layers.

  10. The neon colors are amazing. Great project with so many interesting layers.

  11. So many pretty pops of color in this piece! It just makes me smile. I like all the different textures you used to create interest. Great work!

  12. Fabulous creation!
    Love the use of the
    bubble wrap.
    Carla from Utah

  13. Love your colors. It is beautiful. Thank you

  14. I love the colors you used. Awesome piece.


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