Sharpie Dyed Back 2 School Pencil Pouch

When it comes to Back-2-School shopping around here, we like to find items that are eye catching and cheap to make! I like to join in on the fun and decorate pouches for my own art supplies too!
To make this back 2 school pouch, you will need the following:

1.  A clean canvas pouch. I got this at a Japanese store near me called Daiso. But you can also find these at dollar stores too!

 2... Assorted sharpie permanent markers in a variety of colors and tips. I found that the fluorescent colors were the most eye catching in the final outcome.

 4. 91% Isoprophyl (Rubbing) alcohol - found in the pharmacy section of Walmart or any other convenience store.
5. Travel sized spray bottle.

 6. Plastic bin.
7. Wire rack or baking sheet.

 *Begin by drawing a basic repetitive pattern on both sides of the pouch.
Make sure you are in a well ventilated room or have a fan blowing on you as the pens do stink.

 * Scribble with the colors.

 * Go crazy and add lots of color, have fun with this!

 *Fill in any empty spots with the brighter colors.

 * Once you have colored both sides, go outside and place the pouch on top of the rack in the bin.
* Starting in one section spray with the rubbing alcohol.
* You will see results instantly.
* When you have fully saturated and blended both sides, leave the pouch outside to air out and 'set' in the heat of the sun.
* If you have no sun, you can toss pouch in the dryer or iron to set the dye. Place pouch in a old pillow case to protect dryer and use a sheet of parchment paper when ironing to protect the iron.

Fill with your favorite School or Crafting supplies and have fun!
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