Dragonfly Hair Comb

Here I something I created just in time for summer using products from The Robins Nest!
Come by their blog today and see how I made it and see more great idea's to keep cool this summer!


From Trash to Treasure!

Recently Dyllan and I treated my mom to a day at Lego Land, California
and the Sea life Aquarium.
Just before the aquarium' s cafe, was a little gallery of art. All made from trash found in and along the ocean. I think these pieces are just amazing but also sad that I could recognize items used in some of the works of art. As if I'm guilty, when really, I'm just related to the guilty race.
My Tuesday Tutorial for today is to invite you (with these trash to treasure masterpieces) to help clean up your beaches and make some art too!

In honor of those that created these sea worthy pieces, I'm hosting a challenge.
And I'd love for YOU to join!
You don't need a blog, or web site.
Just access to trash, a creative mind and the means to e-mail me a photo of your finished piece or pieces.
No limit as to what you can make.
Jewelry, wall art, sculpture, decoration....
Deadline- November 15, 2011
I will post all of your creations here on my blog.
You can contact me here.
Take a walk in your neighborhood, along the beach, at the park....

Then tell me, what treasure will you make with your (new) found trash?


Beautiful Quilts at the Orange County Fair!

I wanted to share with you just a few of the beautiful quilts you can see at this years Orange County Fair!
I did not enter any of the categories this year as I wanted to take a break and enjoy the summer- hassle free.
(one year we almost missed the deadline to pick up my entries- coming back from vacation!- We got stuck in Los Angeles traffic- eek!)

But there is no question about it. I LOVE to sew and have been re inspired by these beautiful creations to enter a few things next year. ;)
Enjoy the quilts!
(click on the photos for enlarged colorful detail)

I am in San Diego today with Dyllan, visiting Family and attending our 3rd year at Comic Con.
I can't wait to share photos with you!


Lego Tooth Fairy Box!

We waited so long for the most recent tooth to come out, that I forgot where Dyllan's Star Wars (of course) tooth fairy pillow was. So I asked Dyllan to make a container for his tooth with his Legos. And he did. Hinged lid and all. :)


Festive Friday Blog Hop & Giveaway!

For this weeks Festive Friday Blog Hop, The Robins Nest is giving away a Christmas Card kit!
In order to have a chance to win, we just ask that you visit and comment of each participating blogs.
(See blog list below)
Winner will be announced on August 12th

I made this card using the following supplies:
Poinsettia Dew Drops from The Robins Nest
Snow Spindle light - acrylic stamps from Stampendous
Fired brick and Shabby shutters - Distress inks
Silver stickles
Tombo glue and foam tape

* * *
Happy Blog Hopping, and Good Luck!
1. Terri Sproul
2. Chris Hurley
3. Cheryl Lindsay
4. Laura Davidson
5. Amanda Marks
6. Brenda Lee
7. Angela Bodas
8. Yolanda
9. Becky Conley
10. Leslie Rahye
11. Laura Fisher
12. The Robins Nest
13. Carol Berns
14. Michelle Cummings
16. Diane Tuggle


New Custom Princess Tiara!

Since I could not make it to CHA in Chicago, I made this custom, one of a kind Tiara for my friend, Elena Lai Etcheverry of Charity Wings.

I used about 80% vintage beads and pearls in the making.
Everything but the base is completely hand wire wrapped.
What do you think?


How to Tie Dye with Sharpie Markers!

I recently saw this idea on Pinterest and thought I'd like to try it my self.
So I went to the Sharpie blog to get the details and just went with it.
Here is the original link.
To get started you'll need the following:
  • Plain white T-shirts, undershirts are great since thinner material seems to work best.
  • Fresh brightly colored sharpies
  • Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol. 70-90% (I used 90%)
  • Eye dropper
  • Plastic dish
  • Disposable plastic drink cups
  • Rubber bands
  • Access to a dryer
  • A piece of cracker box or such, cut to the shape and size of a quarter.

This is a great craft to include your child's help, just be sure they are near a open window when using the markers.

Start by inserting the cup into the shirt and stretching the front piece over the cup, securing with a rubber band.
Then use the quarter shape card board as a starter template. The trick is to color good sized dots in a circle, expanding outwards from the center. Designs can be added with other marker colors.
Be sure to pull the shirt tight to ensure a taut coloring surface.

The circle on the right has the correct amount of dots, the one on the left, not so much.

When you have colored in all your cup surfaces, You'll want to take the shirt, with cups still attached, alcohol and eye dropper outside.
Drip a few drops of alcohol in the white center of the circle. Instantly you'll see the alcohol work its magic, spreading outwards taking the ink with it.
As the dry T-shirt absorbs the alcohol, it blends the ink. And depending on the your markers, some colors will blend better than others.

Because you are outside, the alcohol will evaporate quicker than it has time to spread the ink.
So you'll need to add more drops to ensure even flowing until you are satisfied with the color spread. Try to refrain from adding alcohol where the flow has not started, or the color will not spread correctly as the shirt needs to bone dry for any of the magic to happen.

Here I have completed 6 designs.
Now I leave them be out side for a few minutes to dry, taking the alcohol scent with the wind.
Then I undo the cups and rubber bands and replace the cups in the shirt where I have not colored. Overlapping some color is A-OK. :)

I also love how the color bleeds under the rubber bands.

When you are absolutely done and the shirt is dry to touch from being out side,take out the cups and rubber bands, then throw it in the dryer for 15-20 minutes.
This will set the colors and you'll be able to wash and wear like regular clothes.
(although I'd recommend to wash cold and hang dry)

This particular design reminds me of Jelly fish :)
Thanks for coming by, I hope to have once again inspired you.
Happy creating and comments Welcome!


A Traveling Puppet Theater

Just before School ended for the summer, I came across this traveling puppet theater setting up a show for the Kindergarteners and was able to take some photos. I just love the vintage, cared for puppets and and beautiful theater! Don't you?
The name of the company is Puppets and Players.


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