From Trash to Treasure!

Recently Dyllan and I treated my mom to a day at Lego Land, California
and the Sea life Aquarium.
Just before the aquarium' s cafe, was a little gallery of art. All made from trash found in and along the ocean. I think these pieces are just amazing but also sad that I could recognize items used in some of the works of art. As if I'm guilty, when really, I'm just related to the guilty race.
My Tuesday Tutorial for today is to invite you (with these trash to treasure masterpieces) to help clean up your beaches and make some art too!

In honor of those that created these sea worthy pieces, I'm hosting a challenge.
And I'd love for YOU to join!
You don't need a blog, or web site.
Just access to trash, a creative mind and the means to e-mail me a photo of your finished piece or pieces.
No limit as to what you can make.
Jewelry, wall art, sculpture, decoration....
Deadline- November 15, 2011
I will post all of your creations here on my blog.
You can contact me here.
Take a walk in your neighborhood, along the beach, at the park....

Then tell me, what treasure will you make with your (new) found trash?

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