Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Charm Supply Swap!

^kit made by Miss Vicky^

^kit made by Sue Cox^

^kit made by Nadine Johnson^

^kit made by Michelle Cummings- that's Me! :)^

^kit made by Victoria Sturdevant^
Above you can see how easy it is to make the kits for the Charm Making Supply Swap!


Fill (20) 3"x4" zip lock bags - ATC bags
-found at walmart, craft stores,.... with supplies to make one Charm each...and then some :)

Each bag MUST include:
  1. Lobster claw or clasp
  2. Bead pins or wire
  3. Jump rings
  4. Items to make up charm-... beads, embellishments, gears, shiny items, bead store items...get creative!
  5. Creative Filler- trim, fabric, buttons, mini flowers, ...anything!
Shopping for the items is purely optional.
I purchased the above items at my local Walmart, for less than $20 and that's just a little bit of it!
Think of it as a opportunity to raid your stash and then get something in return. :)
Not all bags need to be identical as long as you follow the list above.

See original post here.
I have 9 spots available. If you would like to join, please comment here and leave your e-mail, or find my contact info at the top of this blog.

1 comment:

Sherry Edwards said...

I'd love to join Michelle and have just sent you an email with my details :)


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