Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easy Beautiful Jewelry with Connie Crystal!

 Can you believe I made the above two bracelets in just minutes?
Well so can you!
Perfect for a special date or a night out with the girls!

Connie Crystal Sheets are 36"x4" and contain stunning 6mm Crystals.

Sassy Bracelet

  1. White Connie Crystal Sheet 
  2. Scissors.
  3. Red and purple alcohol pens.
  4. E6000
  5. Plain open bracelet with a smooth flat surface. 
  1. Measure the width and length of the bracelet. Cut Crystal Sheet to size.
  2. Carefully color in just the crystals with your alcohol pens. Overlap the colors to create a Ombre effect.
  3. Glue the colored Crystal Sheet to the bracelet.
  4. Let set completely before wearing.

 Classy Bracelet

  1. Black Connie Crystal Sheet 
  2. Bracelet clasp.
  3. 8 or more jump rings.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Jewelry pliers.
  6. Measuring tape.
  1.  Measure your wrist with the measuring tape. Do you like your bracelets tight or loose? 
  2. Leave room for the bracelet clasp and trim Crystal Sheet accordingly.
  3. Match the width of the bracelet clasp to the Crystal Sheet and trim off any excess.
  4. Use your jewelry pliers to attach the jump rings to the bracelet clasp and Crystal Sheet.
  5. Enjoy!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Faerie-Land Cupcakes!

For this month, over on the Smoothfoam blog, you can find my tutorial on these Whimsical Cupcake Gems.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to make a Lumiere with a Deflecto Acrylic Frame

The theme this month is "Green". It can be Spring Green, Celtic or Luck-of-the-Irish.
I went with Celtic. I love the culture, music and interlacing of their art designs.
Plus I married into a Irish clan. :)

To make this Lumiere, you  will need the following:
  1. 1 Tri-fold 4"x6" Acrylic frame by Deflecto Craft.
  2. Tracing paper.
  3. Celtic clip art.
  4. Assorted tipped permanent pens for tracing and coloring in.
  5. Scissors. tape and a pencil.

1. Pull out the paper insert from the frame and trace this with a pencil 3 times onto the tracing paper.
2. Tape your designs onto a smooth hard surface. Then align the  traced paper over a design, tape oito place and begin tracing with a fine black pen.
3. When you have finished tracing all your designs, flip paper over and begin coloring, starting with the lightest colors first. If desired, you may also color in the side you traced. Do this carefully as the lighter colors tend to bleed with the black pen.

4. Trim with scissors and place into each frame panel.
5. As you can see in the above photo, 3 flameless tea lights fit "perfectly" inside this frame!

 The Celtic designs on this Lumiere are stunning in natural light and magical at night!

 The best thing about this tri-frame is that you can rotate the designs with ease for any holiday or special occasion. Simply store the designs in a inexpensive 4x6 photo book.

I think this design was my favorite. I loved the interlocking Celtic knots.
Thanks for coming by, comments always welcome!

Feel free to see more Deflecto Craft inspiration here.
You can purchase Deflecto Craft items on Amazon or visit Deflecto and click on "where to buy" to find a store near you.
~ Michelle

Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Make a Crystal Ring

 I love crystals. I use them in the garden, in the home, as jewelry and just to collect.
In Pala CA, there is a working mine where you can go dig to your hearts content. Ocean View Mines.
I have buckets and buckets of raw crystals to prove it!
When we travel through Nevada or other gem worthy states, I always make sure to stop off at quartz museums and shops. There is just something so magical and mysterious when you gaze into crystals.
This ring tutorial shows how you can make your own with the real deal or faux crystals as I did here.

  1. Tinted or clear crystals. These were purchased from the Bead Gallery @ Michaels Craft stores.
  2. Adjustable rings with a deep bezel.  You can find these at any craft or bead store.
  3. E6000.
  4. Fine colored glitter.
  5. Paper plate or work mat.
  6. Styrofoam or Floralfoam- to set ring in while working.
  7. Small dry paint brush.
 *Begin by filling your bezel  ¾ with the E6000.- If you fill it too much, glue will bulge out while adding crystals and make a mess. 

* Begin to add your crystals.  Imagine how they would look on your finger. 
*They will fall at first but as the glue starts to set, you'll be able to place them better.
* It takes approximately 9-11 crystals to fill a ring, depending on their size. 
* When you can fit no more, sprinkle exposed glue areas with your glitter. 
 * Position ring firmly in foam so it sits upright.
* Let the ring set undisturbed for 8-12 hours or overnight before wearing.
*Use the dry paint brush to remove any excess glitter from the ring and crystals. 

 When I made the above ring, I think I was channeling  The Fortress of Solitude from Superman movies. Remember all those crystals? Doesn't this ring remind you of it?
Well, faux or not, crystals just make me feel good. So I'm giving away this ring. Its made with a mixture of both crystals in the materials photo. The ring is easily adjustable and will fit any adult finger, male or female.

*** Congratulations to Carol Hoffmann for Winning this ring!***

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to Make a Chicken Wire Crystal Chandelier

At the beginning of 2015, I along with other craft bloggers attended a Blogger Networking Event at the Craft and Hobby Association Show in January.
Bloggers received a sample of new products from participating sponsors of that party.
Everyone who participated created fantastic projects!
These are the newest, hottest  items to hit the craft industry.

* * *

  I made this Chicken Wire Crystal Chandelier.
On the website, I was limited to one photo for my submission. Here are a few  extra to better explain my tutorial.
  Materials List
  • MD Chicken Wire
  • MD metal working gloves
  • MD Brass Metal Sheet Roll
  • Prima Swarovski Crystals
  • Sizzix branch die
  • Sizzix Flower die
  • Sizzix Embossing Folder
  • Die cutting machine
  • Red and green alcohol pens
  • 25 Heart shaped crystals
  • Gold floral wire
  • e-6000 glue
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
  • Gold spray paint
-Working carefully with the gloves on, roll out the chicken wire and cut a 12" X 12" piece with the jewelry pliers.
-Shape chicken wire into a cylinder shape.
-Carefully interlock wire ends together with your gloved fingers and pliers. 
-Pinch the top of the cylinder closed and push down until the cylinder measures 6".
* The reason I pushed the top down, was to give the metal branches a 'shelf' to hang onto. *
-Spray completely with gold paint and let dry.
-Cut and emboss 4 flowers from the brass sheet.
-Cut 4 branches from the brass sheet.
-Use the edge of your scissors or a bone folder to make indents into the leaves.

*I used the blank space of the die for a cushioned surface when adding the indents to the leaves.*
-Color the leaves and flowers with alcohol pens.
-Attach crystals with e-6000.
* If you make a mistake with the coloring, a little rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover works great to remove unwanted color!*
-Use colored floral wire to attach branches to top of the cylinder.
-Glue the flowers to the branches.
 *The hearts came on a strand with the large jump rings. I simply bent the jump rings with the pliers into a "S" shape to hand on the chicken wire.*
-Hang hearts, prism side out, in the chicken wire holes.
-Attach a wire hook and hang in a sunny spot, indoors or out in the garden for all to enjoy!

Contest Update*
Congratulations to the following Winners!

1st Place: Cathy  Parlitsis, Distress Ink Watercolor DIY Greeting Card
2nd Place: Betsy Burnett, Restyled Red Shelf Home Decor Craft
3rd Place: Linda  Peterson, Succulent Garden DIY Wall Decor

See more Fave Craft inspiration here!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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