Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Faerie Garden Swap - Reveal

The theme for this end of year swap was "Winter Faerie Garden".
Everyone participating needed to create some Holiday miniatures for a indoor or outdoor garden with matching ATC's.
Here are the magical results!
3" Tree and Snowmen- Created by: Michelle Frae Cummings.  See my ATC tutorial here.

Little Snowman- Created by: Samantha Strickland Visit her blog here.

Little Gnome- Created by: Joanne Alexander

Smiley Snowman- Created by: Kathie Taylor

Troll Bridge- Created by: Shelia Goldsberry

Faerie Flower Dresses- Created by: P.J. Waldrop  See her blog here.

Santa Worm- Created by: Lee Truitt

Beaded Candy Canes- Created by: Leslie Rahye Visit her blog here.

Winter Gate- Created by: Ashanie Joanne Samuel

Faerie Baby- Created by: Carol Hoffmann   See her tutorial here.

Such wonderful little Holiday treasures!
You can see past Charm and Faerie Garden swaps here.
If you would like to included in notification of future swaps, please drop me a line.
Or follow our Charms and Faerie Garden Swaps Face Book group!
On the FB group we share ideas and tips.

Everlasting Mistletoe

Today I am featured on The Smoothfoam blog with this "Everlasting Mistletoe".
See the tutorial here.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bejeweled Holiday Ornament

It seems every year my ornaments become more and more sparkly!
I love how the light catches on the jewels, glitter and gold!

To make this ornament, you will need the following materials:

3" Smoothfoam Ball.
1" decoration ball or large bead with hole all the way through.
12"-15" of  24 gauge gold floral wire
Tacky glue
3 buttons
Gold acrylic paint
Foam brush

Jewelry pliers
Assorted Dew and Diamond Drops or flat backed gems.
Diamond glaze or clear sealer.

1. Paint the  Smoothfoam ball with at least 2 coast of the gold paint. Let dry completely.
2. Push a paper piercer or ice pick all the way through the ball.
3. Fold your length of wire in half and insert the folded bit through the small ball.

4. With the loop sticking out, carefully pull up the loose ends of the wire and push them through the loop. Bring them down the ball and twist at the bottom with the pliers to secure.
5. Thread wire through large ball and secure the 2 balls with glue. Let set before the next step.

6. Thread your 3 buttons onto the remaining wire. Add glue between the ball and the each of the buttons. Let glue set completely.
7. With your pliers, twist the wire.

8. Make a hook and trim off the excess wire.
9. Glue end of hook into the top button.

10. Starting in small sections, add glue to the top of the ornament and place your embellishments.
Make up a pattern or apply randomly.
11. When all of the ball is covered and the glue is dry and clear, cover the ball with the clear sealer.
Let dry completely before hanging on a tree.

Thanks for coming by, I hope you liked my ornament!
Comments welcome!
See more Smoothfoam ornament ideas here!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Door Knob Jingle-Jangles!

 The theme for this months  Designer Crafts Connection group is Holiday Decorations.
So I dreamed up these "Door Knob Jingle-Jangles"!

I am making enough for the neighbors, a couple of Dyllan's Teachers and a few to keep on hand for quick gifts.
They hang easily on any door knob and the "jingle-jangle" of the bells is so Merry!
I hope you like my tutorial.
Leave me a comment at the end for the chance to win one for yourself!
I will pick a winner at the end of December 4th. :)



  • 12" -Decorative Christmas garland.
  •  16" - Decorative wire
  • (2) 12" -1½" wide ribbon.

  • 36" -24 gauge gold floral wire.
  • (4) 20mm gold bells.
  • Bakers twine- (1 piece)7", (2 pieces) 6", (1 piece) 5".
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers 

 So when you measure and cut the garland, the strands will break apart.
This is OK. Don't stress this part.
Simply lay them end to end.
 Next bend your 36" of wire in half and align the middle of the wire with the middle of the garland strands.
 Holding that middle, (wire and garland) with your finger and thumb, use your other hand to loosely wrap the wire around as shown in above (left photo).
When you reach the end, secure the wire to a end bead, but only cut loose garland, leave the wire for later.
Repeat same wrapping with other side of the strand.
When you are done wrapping and securing the wire, use your fingers to adjust the garland strands- as shown in the right top photo. Just randomly push the smaller strands around the bigger beads.

Lastly, starting at one end, twist the garland and wire all in the same direction until you get to the end.
Then secure the two ends together with a twist of the remaining wires.
Make a loop with one of the wire ends and trim the other, pinching the end with your jewelry pliers.

 Tie your four cuts strands of bakers twine to your bells.
Align all the ends evenly and knot onto the wire loop.
Twist the wire into the rest of the garland and pinch the end with the jewelry pliers.

Tie a simple bow with one of the ribbons, then use the other to attach to the knotted bakers twine.
Straighten your bow a bit, then hang on a door to hear some cheerful "Jingle-Jangle"!

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win! Then visit the rest of the designers for more Holiday inspiration! (See hop-forward-button on my side bar.)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Gift Tag Ornament!

Hi Everyone, Welcome to The Robins Nest Christmas Blog Hop!
We hope as you hop through all the blogs that you will be inspired to create all sorts of Holiday creations!
You might win some Robins Nest Christmas Dew Drops too!

Here, I have created a Gift Tag Ornament.
The name says it all!

Supplies used:
  1. Gold Classic Glitter Swirl cardstock
  2. Red and Green Mini Dew Drops.
  3. 2" circle die.
  4. Red and green cardstock.
  5. Red and green curling ribbon
  6. Adhesive and tape.
  • Per tag, cut 5 circles of the gold glitter cardstock and one of the red or green.
  • Fold in half each of the 5 circles. 
  • Write or stamp "To" and "From" on the red or green circle.
  • Cut 6" of the ribbon and tape to the backs as shown.

  •  Flip over and glue all 5 folded circles like a accordion.
  •  Embellish with the mini dew drops.
 Now your have a elegant tag and a pretty ornament all in one!
Visit here to start the hop and good luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Smoothfoam Photo Holders and Table Setters

Check out my DIY (November) post over on the Smoothfoam blog!
You can use them for photo holders or table setters!
Super easy to make!


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