Monday, January 19, 2015

You are Invited to a Sewing Swap!

Items for the swap.

Make 20 each:

1. Create Sewing Themed Jewelry or items for the Sewing room!
Ideas: Earrings, pendants, rings (mini pin cushions! :)
Bracelets, cuffs, hair accessories, needle books...and such.
Make them from charms, fabric, beads, trim, buttons, measuring tape bracelets, resin, solder...
Little sewn friends, sewn bowl-to catch what-nots, brooch, pendants, necklace, altered Altoids tins to hold sewing notions, charm bracelet, sew many idea's!
Here is a start to get you inspired...
Please make all 20 nearly the same.

2. ATC's.- any medium.
See Sewing ATC inspiration here.

3.  6"x6" Sewing themed fabric or canvas squares. 
Can be bought, hand decorated, quilted, beaded, stamped, or painted!
Everyone participating will receive
A hand made (by Me!) personalized (your style and colors)-  sewing keepsake box- decorated with beads, jewels, sewing delights and more!

Because of the size of this swap and what we will be swapping, please pin your name onto the back of your fabric as they will lay flat on the bottom of the packages going out.
Please package your swap items with ATC's in a goodie bag or other treat bag.
For this swap, I will be using a Priority mail LARGE flat rate box. - (Sorry) My personalized sewing keepsake box for you is too amazing to cram into a Medium box along with the rest of the swap items!
Please PayPal me (friends and family) ,or  send check or cash $17.
Your items need to be postmarked no later than-  March 21st 2015.
I am giving everyone extra time to create, especially myself for the personalized boxes!
- Which you will LOVE!

To sign up- email me your name, mailing address and blog (optional).

What 4 colors do you love together?
Do you prefer Silver, Gold, Brass or Vintage Silver?
Glitter or no glitter?
What makes you happy? 
What do you collect?
- Owls, Day of the Dead Mexican art, Steampunk, Faerie tales, Food, Celestial,  Star wars, Words, Gardening, Disney, Boho, Gypsy, Coffee/Tea, Sewing, Arts, Seasonal ...
Feel free to send me photos or links to Pintrest boards to help me out.

Current swap participant list.
1. Michelle Frae Cummings
2. Joanne (Ashani) Samuel
3. Kathleen Leanna Ellis
4. Christina Ellis
5. Leslie Rahye
6. Fawndolyn Valentine
7. Glenda Hart
8. Wendy Robrecht
9. Carol Hoffmann
10. Wanda May Clark
11. Shelia Goldsberry
12. Lee Truit
13. Maria Soto
14. Joanne Alexander
15. Laurie Rush
16. Bianca Gaspard

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Make it with Smoothfoam!

 I recently attended a Craft and Hobby Association trade show, also known as CHA.
 There I had the privilege to demo for Smoothfoam!
I absolutely love working with Smoothfoam. The possibilities are endless in what you can dream up.

 Between answering questions about the product and demonstrating techniques, I had a blast!

 Here are 2 of the 3 succulents planters I brought for display. You can view the tutorial on how to make these here.

Look at all the amazing projects on display!

 Remember my Creepy Voo-Doo Spider Dolls?

 What about My Spooky Halloween Tombstones?

 More samples to share.

 Loving this SteamPunk piece.

 Some of the Holiday ornaments you see in the photos can also be seen here.

 New Smoothfoam frames...on sale soon!

 12x12 decorated squares. So so cool.

 All the displays tutorials can be found on the Smoothfoam blog!

 I even ran into friend, Lisa Fulmer. She's the author of this book.

It's full of anything and everything you wanted to know about working with different types of craft foam. So many inspirational ideas. You can purchase her book here.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Steampunk- Holiday Hot Air Balloon!

 Welcome to A Very Merry Steampunk Holiday blog hop hosted by Leslie Rahye!
If you are a Steampunk fan and a lover of all things Christmas, then you are at the right place!
Most of my Steampunk creations are created through Leslie's 'themed' blog hops. :)
My creation this Christmas is a Steampunk Hot Air Balloon!
I was inspired by the ones I see on Pintrest made from light bulbs, so I thought, why not using a ornament?

Plastic ornament
24 and 26 gauge gold floral wire
Jewelry pliers
A wooden train whistle

 For the hot air basket, I made a messy weave of the wire and place it around a wooden train whistle. It was the only thing I had for that shape. If you don't have a train whistle, look for something else that is square shape. Maybe a chair leg or a stack of duplo blocks- if your kids are still young. If you want a round basket, check your kitchen utensils.

 Use the thinner wire to weave/sew everything together.
I also wrapped some wire by itself around the whistle to make for a strong base. 
 At the bottom, I criss-crossed some wire.
Then I made a large spiral with the thicker wire and sewed it in place with the thinner wire.
Easy, right?
 The hot air balloon is hung using sign hangers and a hook from Deflecto. 

I'm sorry I don't have a tutorial on how to wrap the ornament with wire. I kinda made it up as I went. It was fairly easy though and I'm sure you wont have any problem especially if you like to work with wire.
 The basket, however...was the trickiest for me. It took me many tries of various ideas until I found something that was easy enough to explain and looked great at the end.
I hope you like it!
 As you can see, I really like the Holidays and collect a bit of vintage Santa's.
 A vintage Santa ornament fit perfectly into the basket!

Thank you for coming by. Please visit the rest of the designers for more Steampunk Holiday inspiration!
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Faerie Garden Swap - Reveal

The theme for this end of year swap was "Winter Faerie Garden".
Everyone participating needed to create some Holiday miniatures for a indoor or outdoor garden with matching ATC's.
Here are the magical results!
3" Tree and Snowmen- Created by: Michelle Frae Cummings.  See my ATC tutorial here.

Little Snowman- Created by: Samantha Strickland Visit her blog here.

Little Gnome- Created by: Joanne Alexander

Smiley Snowman- Created by: Kathie Taylor

Troll Bridge- Created by: Shelia Goldsberry

Faerie Flower Dresses- Created by: P.J. Waldrop  See her blog here.

Santa Worm- Created by: Lee Truitt

Beaded Candy Canes- Created by: Leslie Rahye Visit her blog here.

Winter Gate- Created by: Ashanie Joanne Samuel

Faerie Baby- Created by: Carol Hoffmann   See her tutorial here.

Such wonderful little Holiday treasures!
You can see past Charm and Faerie Garden swaps here.
If you would like to included in notification of future swaps, please drop me a line.
Or follow our Charms and Faerie Garden Swaps Face Book group!
On the FB group we share ideas and tips.

Everlasting Mistletoe

Today I am featured on The Smoothfoam blog with this "Everlasting Mistletoe".
See the tutorial here.


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