Spooky Halloween Bows

 Add a little bit of fun to your hair this Halloween with Gwen Studios ribbons!

* As a design team member for Gwen Studios,
I am provided with product to work with each month.

This craft can also be used to decorate gifts or jazz up party decor!

 Supplies used:

1. Cut 3 pieces of your choice of ribbon 10" long and lay on a flat surface as shown.

2. Start with 2 dabs of hot glue in the center and secure opposite ends of ribbon into the glue. 
Continue process until all the ends have been adhered into the center. 

If you are using a spider for the center of your bow, be sure to have something like the metal handle of a spoon ready. Once you fill the underside of the spider with 'hot' glue, you'll need the handle to press the center of the bow into the glue for about 20 seconds until the glue hardens. 

Then you can attach the bow to a hair clip, band, scrunchie, gift bag or anything else!

See more ribbon crafts here. 

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