Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I made a School Play Scenic background.

 I'm really sorry that I have not posted in a while. It's been a little busy around here with home stuff and the end of school coming soon. Dyllan's school is putting on a play this Friday and Saturday. Its a Flat Stanley Musical. I was asked to help do the scenery for the play.  It's been a while since I've done scenic backgrounds. Before I met my husband, when I used to live in San Juan Capistrano, I used to volunteer my free time and paint backgrounds and set props for the Camino Real House.

Here is day 1.
I'm limited to using school supplied paper that is stored on rolls and comes in primary colors. The director had asked for two scenes here. A Hawaii/ Beach scene  and a Park scene. I used a stapler to attach the paper to the walls. Then I had to cut out the clock, speaker and wall plate shapes.  I cut out shapes for the scenes. Took about 3 hours as I had to also wait to use the only tall ladder.

Day 2 plus 2 1/2  hours
I did everything on my own. No one really offered to help except on the last day when I was adding paint here and there. But I had it pretty much covered.

Day 3 and Done.
This is the Park scene.

And here is the Hawaii/ Beach scene.
 I placed the black frame borders around both scenes to help difference them.

 At the end of day 2, I took the paper scraps home and made the leaves, nest and eggs. I brought my paints with me on Day 3 to add detail and then extra fun with a black sharpie.

I made the cloud extra big, then stapled around it so I could stuff it with paper to make it "puffy". 
I covered a .99 kite with red paper and attached it to the cloud with duct tape.  
 The palm tree trunk is made from layers of paper that I cut with Fringe scissors.  I used a sea sponge to add "sand" with beige paint.
 The director liked the idea of the Sun connecting both scenes. I used a sharpie to add the whimsical design.
 The bucket, pail and sea shells were so randomly made. I like how the star on the pail matches the star on the kite.
 I have never made a palm tree. I had to dig deep in my creative memory to make this one. I'm glad it turned out so well. I made the coconuts at home.
 Having my paints with me really helped in accenting the water. When you are working with blue water against a blue sky, paint really does wonders.
 I painted the flower leaves, stems and grass at home.
 My favorite is this nest with eggs which I made at home. The eggs are the blue paper which I splattered with paint from a brush.
 For the birds, I drew one shape onto black paper, folded the paper like a accordion then cut them all out at once. Anything I did not staple down, I used tacky glue.
The ocean was lacking color and my energy was well spent. For day 3 I was there, for 4 1/2 hours. I added a couple of these Dr.Seuss inspired fish and called it a night.

I'll post more photos of the rest of scenes after the play.


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Susan said...

Love the grass and the water, nicely done!


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