10 Reasons why I'm having a great summer so far...

1. This week I went to a crop at a friends house. Out of the blue she gave me 4 issues of Somerset Studio. And also gave me a Exyron sticker machine and a large laminator. Great tools I can share with the other girls in the group!

2. Yesterday, Dyllan and I went to Pico Beach in San Clemente, Ca. It's pretty much the only beach we go to cause it has a swing set and slide for the kids plus the trains go by all the time!
We had a grand time chasing waves, building sand castles and this time instead of him yanking off my arm in excitement when a wave came, I decided why not sit down and let the waves wash over and around us? I thought it was a great idea until I stood up and found I had sand up my 'wahoo'.

3. Seeing the Ringling Barnum Bros. Circus train go by on the tracks yesterday.

4. Finding some "exactly what I wanted" shelves for FREE on Craig's list!

5. Introducing Dyllan to frozen grapes inside while it's 100 degree's out side.

6. Letting Dyllan play in the kiddie pool outside after 6:00pm, and then giving him a quick bath in the same pool.

7. Knowing that tomorrow night Dyllan will experience the electrical parade for the 1st time and I'll probably watch his face during the whole show.

8. Summer Sunsets

9. Misreading dead lines on art projects and realizing I have more time than I expected.

10. Making new blog friends.

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