Friday, August 3, 2007

Violent Femmes on Aug. 1st

I am sooo happy that I got to see the Violent Femmes in concert last Wed night at the House of Blues in Anaheim! I went with my friends Kimber and Dawn.

7:30pm we arrived
8:00pm they let us in
Standing room only, we got a fairly good spot on the right near the bar.
9:00pm the opening band, "True West" started. They played for 45 minutes and were truley horrible. I did not know them, their songs and my feet were starting to kill me.
Then a 1/2 hour break. We got water and soda's. I'm glad I brought pain relievers, kinda helped my feet. It was also hot with occasional spirts of cool air.
10:20pm ~ Violent Femmes came on! They played for 90 minutes! It was the best show I've seen any where in a long time! First it was just the 3 members, then up to 7 and at the most with the horns and other unusual instruments, 15!

I was completely in awe of all the unusual instuments that Brian Ritchie played!
Victor De Lorenzo captivated us with his drum performance and humor. It was really fun to watch him!
And then of course there's Gordon Gano who's voice is just so cool.

I sang along until my voice was hoarse the next morning, I sorta wiggled danced/hopped in my confined space and had a blast!

Here is their web page

Take a moment to see their band info, lots of fun facts that have happened apon them in ther gigs. This one is my favorite!
* When Nirvana opened for the Femmes in Australia , singer Kurt Cobain refused to go onstage unless someone got him some drugs. Femmes tour manager Willie MacInnes gave him two Tylenol, but told Kurt they were powerful narcotics. A few minutes later Kurt hit the stage, saying,"I feel much better."

Also check out for album info and all their lyrics!

The best part when driving home from Kimbers house was turning on the radio and one of their songs that they played came on. And in listening to it, I knew who was singing and what strange but wonderful instrument Brian Ritchie was useing to make that unique sound!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Sounds like you had a fun night!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and your kind comments. Standing room only, yikes! (I think I'm too old for that...feet!)


Die Hohe Dame said...

my hubby likes the violent femmes... and i love that about kurt cobain, that they did that to him... haha. well i wanted you to know i nominated you for a nice matters award! congrats!

Die Hohe Dame said...

oh its because i love your blog and your etsy!


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