Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Ramble Day

Today is a ramble day.
When I was younger, living with my mom and little sister, I kept hoards of journals. I never went to sleep with out writing at least something in. Sometimes I addressed my journal as "old friend" sometimes, nothing at all. I wrote poetry, drew pictures, wrote short stories, and copied in quotes.
I wrote when the only responsibilities in life were going to school, body surfing with my friends and trying to stay out of quarrels with my sister or mom. Normal stuff. The journals tapered off when I started dating, got a job and became more socially active.
When I was pregnant, I kept a daily journal all the way up to the day of Dyllan's birth. I meant to keep writing, but the new mommy body combined with breastfeeding and a new sleep pattern was very tiring. I wish I new of blogging then!

We kept kind of a visual journal through my scrapbook group and through Dyllan's web page.

Now on to my day so far...
Dyllan woke up at 2am with a night terror about a eagle that was coming to get him. It was very vivid for him! So I crawled in bed with him and woke up with a stiff neck from being cramped in a twin with a squirmy toddler and his (keep you from falling off) bed rail.

At 9:30am we left for the movies at the tustin Ranch Market place. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Free films through
I searched all around and the only appropriate movie I felt for 3 year old Dyllan was Charlottes Web. So we saw it. We shared popcorn which also doubled as lunch. It was the 2nd time we saw the movie and it was still cute. The only draw backs was they did not have the arm rest that fold up like our theater in Aliso, the sound was too loud for the little kiddos and they had movies trailers which bored the little kids. The theater by my house has those arm rest that go up, making it easier for Dyllan to snuggle and they tone down the sound since alot of mom's bring in infants. Plus, once it gets dark the movies starts.

After the movie, we came home for snack and nap. Both of us. I was tired from last night and needed some energy for my MNO Violent Femmes concert tonight!

Just had a yummy "comfort" sandwich.
I cut to hot dogs length wise in half and grill them in a pan. I spread mayo on both sides of the bread, sprinkle with grated cheese, (it's all we had), squirt spicy brown mustard on the cheese then add the dogs.

Oh so yummy.

Well thanks for letting me ramble. Now I gotta figure what to wear tonight. :o)

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