July 26, 2007

Fair Winnings!

Last year was my 1st time entering and I did not really understand the categories. After I realized I entered my 2 items in the wrong division I took notes on what won. I also fell in love with the rose medallion stamp which I later found at the L.A. fair. I used it on the scrapbox above. Lots of layers, lots of glitter. I'm very exicted to have placed 1st place!
This bracelet was meant to be. It started out as a mere sample for a shrink plastic class I taught. Looking at it, I realized it needed more. So I added wire wrapped beach treasures and alittle jar. Before the fair, while I was waiting with some other people in the drop off section, I was mentally comparing their amateur items with mine and thinking that theirs were so much better. What a shock and delight to find that I placed 2nd!
I Love my crown. I think it's the best that I've done and can't wait to make more of them soon! It is part of the recycled division. I used vintage music sheets, rinestones,paper napkin flowers, fine glitters and window screen for the leaves.Not only am I happy that it placed 3rd, but I'm also pleased with how they displayed it!

This was soooo thrown together. My original did not pan out and so I did this. I'm utterly shocked that it got 4th.

This was based around the fair"theme". After having just taught a captured faerie class, I was still in the mood, so I created a captured surfer. I really like how she came out.

My journal is beautiful if you've seen previous post. I don't mind that it did not place. I only wish they could have displayed it better.

I thought these baby cows in the maternity barn were so adorable!

Just had to share this photo! Classic!

Yee Haw!

When I lived in san Clemente, I would enter the sand building festivals often. This reminds me of those summer days and amazing creations!

Surf's Up!
I plan on posting more photo's after a MNO with friends on July 31st. I'm looking forward to casually strolling the fair grounds, and eating alot of deep fried yummy's.
Please feel free to post any comments! I'd love to hear from all of you!


  1. Congratulations on all your prizes! That is totally awesome.

    I was wondering about this...

    "When I lived in san Clemente, I would enter the sand building festivals often. This reminds me of those summer days and amazing creations!"

    So you actually built 'sand castles' or, rather sand sculptures like this before? How does that work? I'd be very interested in hearing about that a little bit. :)



  2. Congratulations...! Yes, your 1st Place is AWESOME !!!! Your family must be very proud !!
    Enjoy the honor...you deserve it !

    Fisk*A*Teer #1943

  3. Congratulations! Everything is beautiful. =)

  4. Congratulations! I love the crown!

  5. awesome work! congrads on winning all your prizes!

  6. Congratulations. I LOVE the fair!

  7. Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - I love all your work - congrats on winning the prize - wow! :) I'll come back and see you again!

  8. BONJOUR michelle,
    thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I love your...
    can I put your blog in my "inspiring blog ?
    (sorry for my bad english)
    friendly of the PROVENCE !!!!

  9. BONJOUR Michèle,
    thanks for your comment in my blog.
    I love also your...
    Can I put your blog in my "inspiring blog" ?
    friendly of PROVENCE

  10. Congratulations. And thanks for visiting my blog and leading me over here :-)

  11. I love fairs! Your contest entries are gorgeous. I especially like the bracelet, crown and the surfer dude in the jar. Great Work!!1


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