July 20, 2007

Long Beach Antique Flea Market, July 15th

I had a really great time shopping at the Long Beach Antique Flea market! It was just me. I got in about 4 hours of looking and buying before the heat was taking a toll on me. I found some amazing finds and just had to share with you! Not pictured are vintage cake toppers that I plan to use for my art and sell on Etsy.
Here is a 1950's Esquire which I landed for $10! I like it for the men's fashion and the swimsuit pin up spreads.

These were a treat at $10 for the both of them! The Modern Screen is dated 1944 with full page on screen movie ads, in color interviews of Gene Kelly, Judy Garland and other black/white photo stories on Shirley temple, June Allyson and lots of great fashion ad's!

The Screen Album featuring Rita Hayward on the front, dates back to 1942 #22.
It has a TON of autographed potraits of my favorite stars! What a find!


You are going to freak when you hear how much I got these two gems for! $2 each! The one on the left is 1944 and the other one is 1951. I chose them for their ad's, recipies and all the fun that goes into them!


I had a game plan on the stuff above and bought stuff that I could use in my art.
Here is a frog that I plan to use and not sell, the lantern would make a nice home for a captured woodland faerie and the tin cups will work for soap and faerie art.
I found 4 of these that would work perfectly to hold some of my art supplies. I might even sell a few on Etsy.

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