Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My OC Fair Entries

The OC Fair starts July 13th! So if you go, look out for my entries in the Arts and Crafts division.
Here's what I entered;
Fair Theme, hand craft~ Captured Surfer in a Jar. ( recentley taught this in a class through my scrapbook group)
Recycled Materials~ a Whimsical Paper Crown ( some of the unique materials used were, .. paper napkins, window screen, vintage paper)

Papier Art~ Collage. (I made a collage of photo's)
Rubber Stamping and embossing~ Scrapbox. (I created this box by layering stamped images using a Medallion stamp)

Decorated Scrapbook, %50 handmade~ Altered Journal. ( I re-worked something I used for a class and added more personal touches.


katydiddy said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for some ribbons for you!

Scrappin_Genie said...

Beatiful work! I'm in the South Bay, let me know where you teach classes.



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