July 3, 2007

My OC Fair Entries

The OC Fair starts July 13th! So if you go, look out for my entries in the Arts and Crafts division.
Here's what I entered;
Fair Theme, hand craft~ Captured Surfer in a Jar. ( recentley taught this in a class through my scrapbook group)
Recycled Materials~ a Whimsical Paper Crown ( some of the unique materials used were, .. paper napkins, window screen, vintage paper)

Papier Art~ Collage. (I made a collage of photo's)
Rubber Stamping and embossing~ Scrapbox. (I created this box by layering stamped images using a Medallion stamp)

Decorated Scrapbook, %50 handmade~ Altered Journal. ( I re-worked something I used for a class and added more personal touches.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for some ribbons for you!

  2. Beatiful work! I'm in the South Bay, let me know where you teach classes.



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