July 20, 2007

July 11th, Random Thoughts

Every waking moment I have random thoughts that flit here and there. Some of them are quite good, only, I never write them down. On this morning I did.

I really LOVE my Artichoke bush! I picked one a few days ago because I did not want it to fully bloom. I left the other on the bush to eat another day.(see photo)

The things they do.
Dyllan woke up with one pant leg up and the other leg down. I asked him to "fix" his leg, so he pulled"up" the other one!
I spent all of yesterday working on organizing the garage. Sorting, re-arranging,pitching.I used those bags you suck the air out with your vacuum for my fabric and yarn. What a space saver! It may not look like I did much but I did fill up our trash can. In sorting through my art supplies, I found art mediums that took me back to the days of art classes at my local junior college. Things I found to which I can't wait to use again soon;
1. Art box full of pottery tools
2. Giant art bin full of watercolor and acrylic tubes
3. A nice collection of chalks,pastels,charcoals and blending tools.
4. I even found a bag of beach pit charcoal that I have been known to collect and use when money was tight.
So here I am in the kitchen really jotting down old memories on a notepad while my artichoke is steaming and Dyllan is singing along with the Wonder Pets.
I stuffed my steamed Artichoke. I figured that if I have the ingredients, then use them. When I don't then I make a dip out of mayo,lemon juice and cracked pepper. But in my case, I never really follow a recipe. =I just do what feels right. Dried parsley,lots of pressed garlic,melted butter,virgin olive oil,salt, bread crumbs and freshly shaved parm.cheese.
After fully steaming the artichoke, I drain it well and put it in a tin pie pan. I open it up really well, like a flower and stuff the leaves with my mixture, drizzle a little more oil on top and put it in the broiler until the cheese has melted and it is toasty brown on top!
It's huge!

Fooling around with Dyllan and he head butted my face the way toddlers do with their extra hard noggin,I hurt, I bled. The inside of my lip is cut but at least my tooth is ok. Still hurts, I'll survive.
Everyday, every moment, (even during melt downs), Dyllan amazes us.

Today he hung his trains from their magnetic front from a vintage child's chair I've have since I was a little girl. The mere fact that he did this on his own, amazes me.

They look like ornaments hanging there!
I wonder if it helps that I've set the music to a "soundscapes"-a soothing blend as opposed to his usual "chitty-chitty bang bang" blend.
Whoops! They all fell down!


  1. Great posts today! I wish I could have gone to the Flea Market-maybe next month.

  2. Wow, that artichoke looks yummy! Almost too pretty to eat. Love all the flea market finds, not many flea markets up where I live.


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