Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to make a Faerie Garden

The theme for this months Tuesday Tutorial is Faerie Gardens! Truly my favorite thing, hence my name. :) I have believed in faeries all my life. Whether they exist or not is not important, it's how they remind us to nurture our "inner child"- keeping us in tune with the balance of life and happiness. :) If you can't giggle with your inner child over silly happy things, then you will lead a unhappy and stressful life. Don't you agree?

The above photo is of my faerie garden newly planted with white star creeper and a unknown bush that looks to me like a tree.
The below photo is the same pot 3 weeks later...
I have added a some Irish moss behind the tree and some rustic wee folk garden accessories.

I don't really have a tutorial today other than some basic tips in starting your own garden.
But every week including today's post will include a faerie garden accessory made by me!

Getting started:
A pot with drainage holes. The wider the more things you can add.
Potting soil
Ground cover plants. Be sure you know how much sunlight your space gets before buying. The white start creeper here is for lots of sun, while some baby tears in other pots are mostly shade.
Plants with miniature blooms. Same rule on sunlight.
Accessories. I have found my bits and pieces in specialized garden shops and on line. Google "faerie gardens" and the (miniature) world is at your finger tips! Hobby shops are also great places, you'll just need to be sure the items you buy are weather durable.
These gardens can also be indoors on a table made up as a terrarium as well.
Well that's all for now, next week I'll show you how to make a miniature bird bath!
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