Monday, May 2, 2011

Dream, Create, Inspire!

This is what I created for the Designers Craft - Blog Hop !
I thought that this would make a inspiring Birthday treat cone.

"Dream, Create, Inspire" Is my motto.
I dream up the idea, I create it and then I hope to inspire anyone that happens by my blog.
Like you! :)

"Dream, Create, Inspire".....I am inspired by random crazy thoughts, the sun pouring in through my windows, rainbows dancing on my ceiling from prisms blowing in a light breeze, music, favorite TV shows and movies, Dyllan's giggles and hug-a-bugs, words, looking at old photos, sorting my stash by color, flipping through favorite reads, fabric, day dreams, food, travel, visits from friends, nature, rain, wind, smells and the list goes on and on... and on some more. :)
( I have a giveaway at the end of this post, but first check out how I made this cone!)

Here is what you need to make this easy and charming craft:

Wire for the handle, I used 20 gauge.
scissors, wire pliers, melon ball scooper, small plastic container with lid, foam brush, foam Christmas trees, Sparkle Mod Podge, skewer, tissue paper.
~ Other fun items I used: pink rhinestones. tombo glue, vintage pink trim, crayon, paper rosette, punches, pretty craft paper, pink pen.

I first mixed equal amounts of Mod Podge and water in my plastic container. I find it's easier to work with the tissue paper if your thin out the MP. By keeping a lid on the container when not in use keeps it from drying out and will always be ready for another project.
Now prep your cone by scooping out the foam in the center. Make sure to keep at least 1/2" thickness all around the edges so your cone does not collapse. I went about 2" deep.
Smooth the rough spots with your fingers. Cut squares of assorted tissue. I keep mine in a over the door (clear) shoe organizer. I use tissue often in wrapping small gifts or when mailing items bought from my shop. I find it easier to manage if I keep them organized by color or theme.

Working small areas at a time, use a foam brush to apply the thinned MP to the cone. Add the tissue paper scraps, smoothing out any wrinkles with your fingers. Continue until whole cone is covered. Impale cone onto a skewer and set in a jar to dry over night, or near a window during the day.

When cone is dry and not sticky, you can use the skewer to make the holes for the handle.

Before adding the handle, it's time to decorate! I used the tombo glue to add the rhinestones.

The wax crayon picks up the rhinestones perfectly so I can place them where I need them to be, saving my fingers from getting gummy from the glue.

A scalloped border punch is used to create the cone rim. Which I decorated with a butterfly punchie, glitter glue and matching fine glitter. I also accented the paper Rosette, which I made up ahead of time.

Then I went crazy with more rhinestones!

I added the wire handle and vintage trim. I finished the cone with words, doodles and a few more shakes of glitter!

Now for the fun part! I'm giving away this cone! And believe me, it's so much prettier in person. The sparkles of the Mod Podge are intense! I Love this stuff!
To be entered to win,-
just leave a comment on this post about -"What Inspires you to Create".
I will randomly select and post a winner on May 10th.

If you would like extra chances to win, click (hop forward or hop backwards) on the blue Designers Craft button (to the right of this blog).
Browse the other designers and come back to this post to let me know which projects/blogs really inspired you even more!
Thanks! And happy blog hopping!


Terre said...

Sparkling and Pink, two of my fvorite things,lovely job on your birthday cone.

megpiedesign said...

Clever idea! Beautiful project!!

Beth said...

Love the crayon idea to pick up the rhinestones - brilliant!

Terry said...

Love the whole idea, but then I love anything pink and sparkly! I, too, like the crayon idea.

Zakka Life said...

What a great idea to hollow out a floral cone. I like that it's sturdier than paper too.

As to your question "what inspires me to create?", everyday life, my kids, nature.

Julie McGuffee said...

Love your idea for using wax crayons to pick up jewels! How clever :)

Laura Bray said...

Cute idea Michelle. Very sparkly.



Mod Podge Amy said...

I LOVE this my dear! You totally rocked it. The pink is gorgeous!


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