Faerie Garden Miniatures

This week I'm highlighting my friend, Jaime's Faerie gardens! For such a small space of a patio, she really has done great work. Feel free to zoom in on any of the photos for delightful details.
At the end of this post I have a basic Mermaid Garden tutorial with a nice little giveaway!

Adding ornamental planters with untamed foliage can really add to the setting...

You can find faerie garden miniatures on line, in hobby shops and even pet stores!

Pots can be large...or even small.

Letting the plants hang out over the pots sides adds a whimsical touch :)
Faerie gardens can even be planted with your herbs...

Jaime and "Cookie" :)

It's so easy to get carried away with all the cute miniatures!

Jaime has also added mini led lights to her little gardens.

See how they glow... like little fire flies!

Wasn't that wonderful? The both of us are Faerie garden fiends! It's a addiction and we love it! Like catering to our inner child. :)
Now here is my mini Mermaid garden.
It's the perfect size for a mantle or a spot on a work desk.

To make this, all you need is a small pot, some colored glass pebbles, sea shells, one Mermaid and fish, pretty wire tinsel, pearls, tooth picks and fake flower stems. You can find some really neat stuff at the fish section of your local pet store. :)

I stuck the toothpick in the center of the plastic stems from the flowers. This creates my kelp.

I rolled up some plastic bags and put them in my pot and then added the glass pebbles. I pushed in the "kelp", fish and added the Mermaid. Then I made her a crown of the star wire, and draped some pearls about her, adding a few seashells for a final touch!

This weeks giveaway will include the kelp, pearls, some sea shells and colored glass for you to start your own Mermaid garden!
Every Tuesday I'll post a craft and giveaway, if you are new to this- please go here to see how you can properly have a chance to win... Then leave a comment "here- on this post" and on last weeks post too!


Vic said...

I love the little gardens! TFS I hope you're feeling better.

Cameron said...

The addition of the lights really does make it even more magical, doesn't it? :)

These are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Good and very innovative beautiful gardens you have shared here.

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Melissa Bolton said...

Fantastic! I love the idea of a mini garden~so creative and beautiful. Glad I found your little corner of the world:)

Linda said...

Oh my goodness, I love them all and all the detail work is just great.You can find things everywhere. These would make anyone smile.

JeLiss Boutique said...

This is just mesmerizing! I love the tranquillity in this art :)


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