Friday, April 29, 2011

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Is just what this mini book is created with. Papers and Dew Drop bling from The Robins Nest! Since the theme was "Flames" I thought it would be fun to make a Summer Memories book.

Supplies used-
From The Robins Nest shop:
Abracadabra Dew drops
Ruby Red Diamond drops
Glitter Red Journal Cards
The Flames line of paper... Red Sorbet Glitter, Flames, Flames Swirls, Wind Flames.
Other items:
Plain mini album book, Tom Bo glue, yellow & orange Souffle pens, black sharpie, white crayon, precision scissor, paper trimmer, foam tape, stapler, red ink mist, yellow, black & red ink, black / yellow card stock,Tacky glue and a paper crimper.

The Flames paper is amazing. It's just the coolest patterned paper you will EVER find.
Trust me. Perfect shaped flames outlined in red glitter. What could be hotter?
I used my precision scissors to get nice detailed cuts of the flames.
(please click on any of the photos for close up won't be disappointed!)

I randomly added pieces of paper through out the book. Adhering them with the tacky glue. Then I went to work with the souffle pens which I believe are a absolute must for every crafter. Yes....they can be pricey, but with a good coupon, you can get quite the deal on them. :) They really make dark papers >POP!< ...see before and after with the yellow. Awesome huh?

I used the paper crimper to give my yellow card stock some texture and further enhanced them with spritzes of red ink mist and touches of red ink on the edges.

I use the tom bo glue for Dew Drops since it holds so well to paper and any other medium imagined! A trick for the teeny tiny bits is to use a wax crayon. It can easily pick up the bits with out fumbling with clumsy fingers. Also, re: the Tom Bo, if too much glue comes out, I spread it around with the pointed tip of a blender.

I layered the flames with foam tape for a dimensional look. This album was found in a dollar bin last summer at Target. Perfect for last minute projects or to take on road trips as a travel journal.

I accented the pages with the dew drops, black sharpie, inks and souffle pens.
I just doodled away... :)
Please click on any of the pages for close up detail.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini book and are inspired to make something like this of your own. Have a great weekend!


Vic said...

Very "cool" or should I say hot!! LOL

Cameron said...

What a fun project, Michelle!


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