Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- "No Sew - Coiled Flowers"

This weeks "Tuesday Tutorial" is all about those coiled flowers you have probably seen everywhere!I played around with different idea's, techniques and came up with something that I'm confident will work for you, dear readers! Best of all, no sewing!
You will need the following:
  1. Beacon Fabric-Tac Permanent Glue - It's smelly, so be sure to work in a well ventilated area.
  2. Good fabric shears
  3. Felt for the backing
  4. 1" strips of assorted printed fabric. Each flower took about 1yard each = 2.5" flower.
  5. Rhinestones to embellish
  6. Hair clips, pin backings, jewelry making supplies or other items for what you plan on using your flowers for.

Begin by cutting a felt circle bigger than intended flower and knot the end of the fabric strip.

Add some glue in a circular motion to the felt. You should start with a small circle and add more glue as needed.

Twist your fabric strip and start the knot at the center of the felt circle, coiling the fabric around and pressing into the glue as you go.

Set aside to dry, a few minutes or so, and then cut flower out of the felt.

Trim as close to the flower as possible.

Decorate your flower with rhinestones and the same adhesive.
*note- this glue tends to get stringy, so if you plan to use it on a darker fabric, use sparingly, or you may get spider web like trails of glue.

Add some glue to the back of the flower onto the felt, and adhere a pretty lace bit or some ribbon.

Turn your flower in to a hair accessory, brooch, necklace or even scrapbook page embellishment!

The giveaway for this weeks tutorial will be these two hair clips!

For your chance to win these pretty hair clips and ALL the other projects for this month, please visit Aprils postings, located on the right side of this blog under my photo. Thanks and have fun creating!

On the 1st Tuesday of the following month, I will pick a winner.
The winner will receive ALL 4 projects made from the previous month.
( Please leave your e-mail address in comments or make sure your blog sign in is not private, If I can't reach you easily...you can't win)


Vic said...

Cute! They'd be great corsages for Mom's tea at nursing home.

kathy mc said...

Thanks for tutorial. I wanna go make some.

NanaBeth said...

These are absolutely fantastic-and I think I can actually make these.As soon as I buy more Fabri-tac.#3 son used almost a whole bottle mending his sandals-after he cut the top off so it would come out faster.He's now barred from the "room".
Really like the new look!


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