Friday, April 8, 2011

Pretty Little Bird House and Card

This week for The Robins Nest, I decided to make a pretty little Bird House and card!

For the card I used The Robins Nest reversible Classic Roses.
I cut what I needed for the card and then right away started to bend and scrunch up the corners so I could distress it with some brown ink. I use mini chalk inks for these projects because it's easier to handle and I don't get my fingers messy for little projects like this.
Then I used my sanding block to rough up the edges for a vintage feel. If you don't have a sanding block (which protects your finger nails) , then some fine sand paper from the hardware store works just as well too.
Tacky tape or double stick tape is a must in your supply list! The uses are endless! Here I put down a strip for my music sheet ruffle. I cut copies of vintage music, making sure they were close in size, and lightly inked the top and bottom edges with the brown color.
Then I folded down the end of the first strip for a clean end to start with.
I placed the first piece on the tacky tape, folding as I went, over lapping and careful not to make a mistake as tacky tape is extremely unforgiving.
When tying the bow, I always find it easier to turn the project upside down, and then I always end up with the perfect bow tie! For the bird, since it was mostly see through, I used about 7 large glue dots until I was happy with the depth. The flowers are Prima and the inside jewels are Silver dew drops from the Robins Nest.

For the Bird House, I used the following materials:
Silver Dew Drops
White Tear Drops
Classic Rose Cardstock
Glittered Red Rope Cardstock
Teal Glitter Cardstock
A wooden birdhouse, tacky glue, craft wire, white acrylic paint, Kraft paper shredding, brown ink, scissors, foam brush, paper trimmer, scalloped border punch (threading water- fiskars).

First I primed the birds house front, back and sides with the paint/ foam brush and set aside to dry.
~I paper trimmed 1" strips of the teal paper and with the scissors cut them into uneven triangles. I inked the edges of all of them and set aside.
~I used the border punch on the roses paper and trimmed them down to size of the roof width. I cut same size strips of the glittered red rope papere and trimmed around the design.
~I applied a generous coat of tacky glue to one side of the house, spread glue evenly with my finger and them started placing the teal triangles, making sure they were flat, secure and not touching. Giving off the appearance of broken china. For areas too small for a standard triangle, I just trimmed a few down and inked them before adding to certain spots.
I repeated this all the way around the bird house.

For the roof, I started at the bottom and worked my way up. Icoated one side of the roof with glue, spreading evenly and then placing the layers of paper. I finished with the silver dew drops in the center of each rope design.

I made the nest just twisting some wire and the kraft shredding. Then I attached it to the bird house perch with tacky glue and added the white tear drops for eggs.

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Kaneka said...

I love these, so beautiful and also love your detailed instructions.


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