Saturday, September 5, 2009

Introducing Tuck!

Earlier this year we inherited a family pet from Brian's side. A Desert Tortoise, which Dyllan promptly named "Tuck" from Wonder Pets. I've been putting off showing him to you as it's taken time to get his enclosure just right.
The whole right side of our house is his "Turtle walk" which he does many times a day...
His "den" is a old plastic trash bin and he has plenty of space to sun himself.
He comes when I call him by his name or when I make a under the tongue clicking sound like you would for a horse. He will actually follow me around his enclosure!

It does not cost much to feed him. Daily he gets broccoli, endive, escarole, dandelion greens (bought or growing in his yard) add ins - fresh fruit like strawberries, grapes or melons, mustard greens and I always treat him to hibiscus and honeysuckle from the garden.I found a old plastic plant saucer, taped up a hole and placed it under a drip faucet so he can have fresh water for drinking or soaking as you can see here. I'm also thankful we kept Dyllan's old safety gate to enclose him in.

When it's not to hot, it's nice to draw up a chair and just watch him.
When winter comes and he's ready for hibernation, he'll go into a family members garage until spring again.


Cat said...

MICHELLE! This is AWESOME! I'm quite the animal nut and love taking care of my menagerie, and enjoy looking at other people's pets, too. I look forward to more updates!

Mike Rios said...

you got " Tuck" from Brian' parents???

Scrappy Rat said...

He's adorable! Are you sure he's a "he" though? He looks a little girly in the pics, judging by his carapace shape. :) Could just be a trick of the light though.

I have turtles, but no tortoises though. How cool that you get to share your home with one! He's lucky to have such a great "mom", too! Tell him "hi" for me.

DawnWillBreak said...

I love turtles! what a great story!

parasols and maryjanes said...

Love this! He is so sweet.


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