January 27, 2020

Valentines Day Felt Craft

Here's a lovely craft to make for the one you adore using Joy® embroidered letters!

You will need:
  • Joy® iron-on, embroidered letter sheet: 1" white
  • Die cut felt hearts
  • Wide lace
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Steam iron
  • ironing board 
  • Pressing cloth
  • Marker - red

 1. Begin by hand stitching the lace all around the bottom heart, pleating it as you sew.

2 Following manufacturer's directions on the packaging, use an iron to fuse the letters in place on the top heart.

 3. Use simple stitches to attach the two hearts together.  Leave an opening at the top to create a "pouch". 

 4. Color the letters with permanent markers to match the letters to your lace if desired.

You can find a wide selection of Joy® embroidered iron-on letters and alphabet sheets in different sizes at your local craft stores!


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