Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comic Con 2011 - Part 1 of 3

I took Dyllan to Comic Con in San Diego last July. I took so many photos, too many to show, so you can see them in 3 posts over the next few days. Have fun!

please click on the photos for close up detail... :)

view of the convention center from the bridge we walked over on.

Batman is made entirely of Legos!

It was way crowded there. Even more than last year. We went on a Sunday.

Monster High props.

A really creepy guy freaking out people outside.

Wednesday I'll post Star Wars and Steam Punk at Comic Con!


Cottage Way of Life said...

You gotta love fans who come with their own homemade Dalek.

NanaBeth said...

I am so jealous-way up there on my bucket list!

essle said...

How cool pics...

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