August 14, 2015

Ornamental Rings with Jewelry Clay

 So this month some craft designers and I have joined up with Enviro Tex to show you some creative things you can make with resin, and jewelry clay.

 I am in-love with this Jewelry Clay!
It starts of soft and air dries to a nice hard finish. Easy enough to do in 1 day!
The package comes with a two part clay component to and gloves.
Additional tools I recommend are:
  • Better fitting gloves for mixing the clay.
  • Baby Powder for coating your gloves so the clay does not stick.
  •  A plastic picnic knife to portion equal amounts of "A" and "B" for mixing.
  •  Floral or styrofoam to hold the ring upright later. 

 For the Easter ring I used the following:
  • A deep bezel ring
  • Little chick trinket
  • Small colorful rhinestones
  • Fine green glitter and a paintbrush.
  1. .Mix equal amounts of A and B until uniform in color. Roll in the palm of your gloved hands and then place into the ring. Add chick to center and gently push down.
  2.   Add rhinestones around the chick, gently pushing them slightly into the clay.
  3. Dust exposed areas with generous amounts of the green glitter.
  4. Place ring upright in foam and leave to to cure over night.
 Now you have a adorable ring to wear in the springtime!

After seeing this past ETI ring tutorial, it inspired me to search for mini tea cups.  So I sifted through my Faerie Garden miniatures and found something just right. I added the miniature key to give the whole ensemble a quaint Alice in Wonderland feel.

 I placed the mixed clay into the ring bezel, then I pressed down the saucer briefly. This way I could see where to dust the clay with glitter. Then I re-pressed the saucer into place, added a small bit of clay onto the bottom of the tea cup and pressed onto the saucer.  Later after everything had cured, I affixed the key with some adhesive. 

 I had recently posted a crystal ring tutorial this year using e6000. But I have to tell you that the Jewelry Clay works so much better! 
 The clay held the crystals in place easier as I worked.
  Before setting in foam to cure I dusted the exposed clay with iridescent dust. 
 So there are 3 crazy fun rings you can make with Enviro Tex Jewelry Clay! Now for the best part....Enviro Tex is offering the items you see below in a amazing giveaway! You can enter for a chance to win here.
When you are done entering, check out more Jewelry Clay and Resin idea's here! 
Good Luck!


  1. too cute Michelle. So whimsical and fun.

  2. These are adorable Michelle, thanks for being part of the blog hop!!

  3. Loved your ideas and the way you used the jewelry clay! It really is a fun product!

  4. Michelle, these are cute and whimsical! You have inspired me to make some for napkin holders for different holidays. Thanks for the fun post!

  5. Love the new way to do the crystal ring!

  6. Love the new way to do the crystal ring!

  7. This is a fun way to do a themed ring. I love the use of the green glitter.

  8. Thanks, so much for posting this tutorial...I couldn't remember the name of this stuff! I want to use it with a teen class I'm doing at the Youth Center!

    (Love the teacup ring :) )


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