Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Make a Crystal Ring

 I love crystals. I use them in the garden, in the home, as jewelry and just to collect.
In Pala CA, there is a working mine where you can go dig to your hearts content. Ocean View Mines.
I have buckets and buckets of raw crystals to prove it!
When we travel through Nevada or other gem worthy states, I always make sure to stop off at quartz museums and shops. There is just something so magical and mysterious when you gaze into crystals.
This ring tutorial shows how you can make your own with the real deal or faux crystals as I did here.

  1. Tinted or clear crystals. These were purchased from the Bead Gallery @ Michaels Craft stores.
  2. Adjustable rings with a deep bezel.  You can find these at any craft or bead store.
  3. E6000.
  4. Fine colored glitter.
  5. Paper plate or work mat.
  6. Styrofoam or Floralfoam- to set ring in while working.
  7. Small dry paint brush.
 *Begin by filling your bezel  ¾ with the E6000.- If you fill it too much, glue will bulge out while adding crystals and make a mess. 

* Begin to add your crystals.  Imagine how they would look on your finger. 
*They will fall at first but as the glue starts to set, you'll be able to place them better.
* It takes approximately 9-11 crystals to fill a ring, depending on their size. 
* When you can fit no more, sprinkle exposed glue areas with your glitter. 
 * Position ring firmly in foam so it sits upright.
* Let the ring set undisturbed for 8-12 hours or overnight before wearing.
*Use the dry paint brush to remove any excess glitter from the ring and crystals. 

 When I made the above ring, I think I was channeling  The Fortress of Solitude from Superman movies. Remember all those crystals? Doesn't this ring remind you of it?
Well, faux or not, crystals just make me feel good. So I'm giving away this ring. Its made with a mixture of both crystals in the materials photo. The ring is easily adjustable and will fit any adult finger, male or female.

*** Congratulations to Carol Hoffmann for Winning this ring!***

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