March 11, 2015

How to make a Lumiere with a Deflecto Acrylic Frame

The theme this month is "Green". It can be Spring Green, Celtic or Luck-of-the-Irish.
I went with Celtic. I love the culture, music and interlacing of their art designs.
Plus I married into a Irish clan. :)

To make this Lumiere, you  will need the following:
  1. 1 Tri-fold 4"x6" Acrylic frame by Deflecto Craft.
  2. Tracing paper.
  3. Celtic clip art.
  4. Assorted tipped permanent pens for tracing and coloring in.
  5. Scissors. tape and a pencil.

1. Pull out the paper insert from the frame and trace this with a pencil 3 times onto the tracing paper.
2. Tape your designs onto a smooth hard surface. Then align the  traced paper over a design, tape oito place and begin tracing with a fine black pen.
3. When you have finished tracing all your designs, flip paper over and begin coloring, starting with the lightest colors first. If desired, you may also color in the side you traced. Do this carefully as the lighter colors tend to bleed with the black pen.

4. Trim with scissors and place into each frame panel.
5. As you can see in the above photo, 3 flameless tea lights fit "perfectly" inside this frame!

 The Celtic designs on this Lumiere are stunning in natural light and magical at night!

 The best thing about this tri-frame is that you can rotate the designs with ease for any holiday or special occasion. Simply store the designs in a inexpensive 4x6 photo book.

I think this design was my favorite. I loved the interlocking Celtic knots.
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Feel free to see more Deflecto Craft inspiration here.
You can purchase Deflecto Craft items on Amazon or visit Deflecto and click on "where to buy" to find a store near you.
~ Michelle


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