Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A easy Up Cycled craft to hold "stuff"

We are a single income family and the money I make selling my art through my etsy shop really only pays for kicks and giggles. I love to visit flea markets and places like Ikea, but leave feeling heartbroken over the fact that I can't buy the things we need. I long to find a place where I can take a class, learning how to simply make book and storage shelves (using their tools of course) but in the mean time, I recycle what I can find. Or in this case "Up Cycle" .
During Girl Scout cookie season, I raided my neighbors recycle bins for the empty boxes. I was on a mission to make some practical storage units for Dyllan's dress up stuff.

So I used packing tape to secure all the boxes together, tearing off the cardboard I did not need. Then I used some colorful paper Dyllan's Kindergarten teacher gave me to cover the boxes. Since the paper bleeds easily, I plan to add a coat of Mod Podge to the finished piece when I'm fully done.

I took a oatmeal container that I covered for a past project and cut it a 1/4 way near the top. Then I taped it securely to the sides of the boxes to hold swords.
I plan to let Dyllan write signs as to what bin should hold. (we are still working out the details)

I should have a better mindset (of everything and be more current in posting) by the end of August.
I just got back last Saturday from a 2 week road trip with Dyllan and came home to a new refrigerator, washer/ dryer and (FINALLY) new lights above our dining table!
So our house is cluttered.
More than usual. :)
I have some new/old kitchen wares I acquired when Brian's Mom passed away late June, and now I have to sort through my current stuff to make room and see what I want to sell at a garage sale I'm hosting late August.

We are also getting ready to paint the kitchen/dining room and downstairs bathroom the 2nd week of August. On top of that I have to sort my studio as I'm selling a TON of arts and craft stuff. I hope to use the money I make from the sale for Christmas gifts.

Tomorrow (Wed. July 21) I'm taking Dyllan to the OC Fair! I can't wait as I entered two items. My 1st crazy quilt (ever!) and a hand beaded wired wrapped Faerie Tiara. I'm anxious to see how they look and and enjoy a exciting day with the little guy. :)

I'll let you know how it went, and hopefully share some exciting news with you!
Have fun with this craft and see you soon!


Sara said...

I think that looks great. Very inventive and practical too. way to go. Hugs Sara

fawndear said...

Up-cycling is quite the adventure. I'm very impressed. Love dreaming up free crafts to do with my kids as well.

Best wishes on your two entries.



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