Saturday, July 3, 2010

July. July. July

This will be the most insane month for me!
I have since dropped off two items in the mail for a silent auction during this months CHA. I can't go to this one because 1- it's in Chicago ,I live in CA, and 2-it falls on our son's 6th birthday.

So can't miss that one, but I'm happy to have a opportunity to have some things there. I'll post pics in the middle of this month.
Today I dropped off two items for the local Orange County fair. One hand wire wrapped beaded Faerie Tiara and one completely hand stitched baby crazy quilt. My first. Ever!

Tuesday, My Mom, Dyllan and I embark on a 10 hour road trip up north to visit family and will be back on the 17th. The web service I'll have is in hotels on the way up and on the way down.
I'll try to keep you updated the best I can with little bits from the trip.
And I will also try to post a fun craft for you to do before I go.

When we get back we have one short week before heading south to visit family, just Dyllan and I and to also go to Comic Con!

Then back a few days to prep for Dyllan's 6th Birthday party!

So as you can see, it's going to be a whirlwind of me popping in here and there for this month.
But feel free to visit me here, on face book and even on my new blog where I write about scrapbooking and then some.... Come check it out! You might win something!
Because if you leave a comment, (on any of the postings) I'll add your name to a drawing to win a pizza box filled with enough materials to complete a scrapbook album (minus the album)- perfect for beginners...paper, card stock, embellishment, adhesive...and more!
The more comments you leave the more chances you have to win!
So come on over and have some fun!
I will pick a winner on July 19th.
Thanks! and Good Luck!

(or if I don't hear from you...see you in August!


chignon said...

Michelle - I love your layout...I always like pages that have tons of photos, I find those are the pages people like to linger over! I'll miss you at CHA but I'll be wearing the orange hair embelli you made! Enjoy the family gathering :o)

laterg8r said...

too bad you can't make this CHA but your son's bday should take precedence :D

Kelly Sas said...

Have a safe and wonderful time visiting family! You are such a great mom to put your son's 6th birthday ahead of CHA.


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